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Your Business Name has a High Value. Are You Using it to Your Advantage?

Everyone knows one of the key reasons to use marketing is brand recognition. In the “old days,” that meant the traditional form of advertising. TV ads, radio commercials, a square in the phone book… when was the last time you used the phone book?

Social Media marketing, to some people, means having a page on facebook. That’s simply not true. Social Media marketing really includes all forms of E-Marketing. As I’ve said many times, of course facebook is a “biggie.” Twitter, Newsletters, blogs, email campaigns, etc…they are all social media.

For the purpose of brand recognition, however, let’s focus on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Twitter is now a form of communications that even the news channels go to for info. Every time there is a scandal with a movie star, the reporters go to Twitter. Each time a company has big news, people check Twitter. While these two examples may seem negative, just like anything else, it is what you make it.

Facebook fan pages may focus on getting more fans, which is important, but did you know it’s more than that? The more fans a page has, the more brand recognition occurs to individuals. Bigger than that, however, is the height it gives that page when using a search engine. In other words, if my pipe busts and I need a plumber, I go to a search engine instead of the phone book… if the plumber’s page is doing well on facebook, it will be one of the first results on Google as well. Yes, more presence + more fans = higher results on the internet as a whole. So, while it is of course important to have a presence on social media websites, it’s also going to help your presence elsewhere.

The bottom line is if you’ve been holding out on social media marketing, you really can’t afford to do so anymore. By the way, in case you didn’t know, Social Savvy Geek specializes in social media marketing…let us know how we can help!

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