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Why You Need to Know Your Client’s Burning Desire

Today we will be talking about finding and using your client’s burning desire. We’ll cover why you must understand your client’s burning desire and how to use it to generate content for your course selling points and landing pages. We’ll go more into what a burning desire is later. For now, think of it as something they want really bad, but don’t know how to get.

Use Your Client’s Burning Desire to Reach Their Emotions

When you are selling your course, you have to understand and use your audience’s burning desire. Learn what they really want and figure out how your course and other products and services can help them achieve their burning desire. Pull on their heart strings and emotions to motivate them to really consider your offer, make purchase, and live the life they want. Think about what motivates you and those around you. What drives you is probably similar to what drives some of your clients.

People are primarily motivated by two things: desire and pain. Some marketers prefer to go for their client’s pain points. They focus on where people are hurting and alleviating that pain, which on the surface sounds great. However, that kind of marketing is often fear-based. In order to motivate people to buy their online course that addresses their pain, marketers make them fear their pain will never go away without the online course. I don’t like that.

I don’t want my clients to be afraid, so I prefer focus on their burning desire. I show clients what they want and how my services can help them achieve their goal. By making them picture how their life can be different, I create a positive image and emotion. Their desire to keep experiencing that emotion and achieve their burning desire motivates clients to work with me.

Using either your client’s pain or desire can seem inauthentic to some people, but that’s not true! The only time you’re not being authentic is when you are lying and claiming your online course will cover something it won’t. Once you know your client’s burning desire, you can figure out how your course can help them achieve their goal. You’re not (usually) claiming your course will immediately cause your attendees to reach their burning desire. Instead, you’re offering to help them get one step closer.

By appealing to your client’s burning desire, you’ll inspire an emotional response. When people are emotional about an online course, they are more likely to pay to attend.

What Is a Burning Desire?

A burning desire is the light at the end of your client’s tunnel. It’s something they have to have to live the life they want. It’s the freedom to be location independent, time away from a business to unplug and hang out with your family instead of always looking at your phone, tablet or laptop, the financial ability to travel, and other ways people enjoy life.

Many times your client’s burning desires are what drives them to work long hours every week, spend less time with their families, or gives them the determination to continue going even after burn out. A burning desire is more than a new car or more money. It’s what those things represent. Burning desires are experiences.

How to Determine Your Client’s Burning Desire

To find your client’s burning desire, ask them questions that reveal their true dreams and desires.

Many people will talk about surface level problems like “I want to have a thriving business” or “I want to be my own boss.” What they are not telling you is their burning desire, the fuel that backs up their want for have a thriving business, the drive long hours, and the willingness to hustle well after midnight.

Your solution, which can be your online course or even coaching program, is rarely ever your client’s real burning desire. It may help bring your client closer to their burning desire, but it’s not the end of their process. You have to figure out what their true burning desire is, so you can articulate how your course will help them reach their desire. What missing piece does your course fill?

You have to become a child and ask your clients plenty of “Why?” questions. Just like a toddler who is exploring life through the question why; you must explore your client’s surface level answers by asking why. For example, if your ideal client says what he or she does, ask them why. Why do they want a thriving business? Why do they want to be their own boss? When you run out of why’s, you have hopefully reached your client’s burning desire.

Once you start asking your clients why, don’t stop until you reach the heart of their burning desire. You’ll know you’ve reached their core when they get emotional, their voice raises, or a look and sound of determination comes over them. They will say things like “because I want to travel,” “I want the extra income to take my family on more vacations,” and “I want to retire my spouse.” Those are burning desires! Burning desires always are attached to emotionsbecause they are the force that drives people to do what they do!

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How to Use Your Client’s Burning Desire

Instead of selling services, you’re selling time, freedom, money, vacations, and more! You’re selling your client’s big dream. Your job is to help them understand how your online course and other products and services can help them achieve their burning desire.

Instead of selling your online course as “my course will help you become strategic with your marketing,” it becomes “you’ll spend less time at work and more time with your family.”

Make your sales and landing pages reflect these emotions and outcomes. Show your client’s their burning desire. Create those emotions through images and word choice. Use color theory. Think of a food commercial. How often do they make you feel hungry? Make your clients hunger for the burning desire your course addresses.

Don’t go into how. Nobody cares yet. The how comes in your course. Focus on the why – the burning desire. For example, when I present myself, I say, “I’m Laura Pence Atencio, and I help speakers, authors, and coaches to effectively market themselves which lets them get seen and win new clients without drowning in marketing overwhelm.”

Your client’s burning desire is your key to selling your course. You need it to reach them on an emotional and human level. If you don’t understand what drives your clients, you won’t be able to communicate with them effectively. If you can’t explain why they should attend your online course and how it’s going to help them reach their burning desire, then what is going to motivate them to attend your course? Why should they buy from you when they could buy from someone else who is addressing their burning desire?

Special Guest Kevin Stoelb and Kevin Bauman

Kevin Stoelb

Before co-founding Eolus, Kevin wore many hats through his career, from building circuits, to running a home inspection business, to programming enterprise web applications. He also enjoys flying and is currently training to become a certified flight instructor.

Outside of work, Kevin can be found hiking with his wife, volunteering with the Civil Air Patrol, chasing a clear night sky to take pictures of deep space objects, or somewhere on the road in his quest to visit all of the U.S. national parks.

Kevin Bauman

Kevin has worked in sales, business management for an alternative news weekly, and freelance writing for magazines. His photography has been recognized with numerous awards, features in TIME and The New York Times, and interviews with ABC News, Kai Ryssdal on American Public Media's “Marketplace,” and Phoebe Judge on “The Story.”

When not working on client projects, Kevin can found on the slopes, on a run, photographing the natural beauty of the Rockies, or hanging out with his family in fabulous Denver or those irresistible mountains.


Kevin and Kevin met years ago at a startup in Denver, and through shared interests in Colorado, the outdoors, bikes, photography, and of course technology, have been friends ever since.

Eventually both Kevins reached a point in their careers where they individually decided it was time to take on new challenges, to share their knowledge, and to help others solve their business problems and achieve their goals. Together they started Eolus Technologies with the goal of educating, solving problems, and helping others achieve success. While both Kevins are passionate about WordPress, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, they’ll do just about anything to help make their clients successful.

They share how to design your website and keep it safe.

Finding Your Client’s Burning Desire

Today we talked about how knowing your client’s burning desire and how your online course addresses it can help you sell your course. The first step is uncovering your audience’s burning desire. Some ways to do that are a survey, calling and asking them, asking clients at networking events, and having a questionnaire on your website.

Once you start receiving information about your client’s burning desire, you need to organize it. Create a spreadsheet or document with all of your client’s burning desires and outcomes they want out of life. Then when you are ready to create your course or landing page, review their answers.

Look for a burning desire that comes up over and over. Make sure your images and copy address the most common burning desire. Look for burning desires you might be able to address in a follow up course. What piece is missing in your client’s needs? How does your course fill that void?

Ask one of your peers to review it for you. Make sure it’s not someone who understands logically what you do. Ask a peer who knows that what you do is important, but perhaps they haven’t implemented it yet into their business. See what they think of your messaging and ask if they are now interested in taking your course.

Go back over your messaging and make sure your programs and content all reverts back to your clients burning desires, so you can make more sales and create the life you love and reach your burning desire.



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