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Why Social Media Marketing? The Popularity Question.

If you were asked why social media marketing is so popular right now, what would your answer be? Man holding signThe truth is that there are many reasons why. The fact that everyone and their brother is onsocial media in 2012 is a given. Why? Because everyone and their brother is onsocial media. Literally millions of people every day are active on facebook alone. That doesn’t even include the other sites, such as Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and yes, even MySpace.

Earlier this week, I connected on Facebook with two cousins in Spain, whom I’ve never met in person. Aside from being pen pals or sending an email to a faceless person, I’m now getting to know them through daily status updates, messages and pictures. How cool is that? Because they speak Spanish, and I speak English, those other two options would be tough. Facebook, however, includes a “translate” option. With one single click, the English translation of their post is right in front of me. So, as you can see, there are very few barriers between them and me. Guess what? there are very few barriers between you and your fans, as well.

As I mentioned earlier, there are PLENTY of reasons social media marketing is growing. In my opinion, however, involvement tops the list. In the older days (just five years ago), a commercial or printed ad was the main form of reaching out to your customers. Now, the customers reach back.

In an ad, you can say what you wish to convey,which is a form of speaking to your customers. Now, social media lets you speak WITH them. I’ll admit, in some cases, that’s a bad thing. If your service /product / company is not doing what’s promised, they will let you know. If you’re striving for success, however, you’ll hear about it. When you offer a top notch service, your fans will let you know. That, friends, is what you want from marketing.

When your customers communicate with you, you know exactly what they think, feel or want from you. Your customers will feel appreciated, as well. When I know that a business cares what I think, I offer return business. The bottom line is, no matter how many reasons you can think of, the most important aspect of social media marketing is involvement. Get involved!

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