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Why is CoSchedule an awesome, popular growth tool you need?

Why Will You Love the Way CoSchedule Drives Content Results?

We here at Social Savvy Geek are big fans of the editorial calendar and content marketing app CoSchedule. We are impressed with the simplicity and functionality of the tools created by the company – at how easy they make it to manage a marketing campaign, such as blog and social media deadlines, or even the development of a collaborative book.

Really an editorial calendar is rooted in the publishing industry and journalism, the world of newspaper and magazines, as much as it is in marketing. Beyond those with editorial calendars, every industry has always had the need to schedule things with contacts. However, it is only in the era of the Internet (truly the information age) and content marketing that the need to figure out timeframes for crafting, editing, and publishing writing or images or video is now standard.

CoSchedule is the kind of tool that has broad application to anyone who wants their business to succeed online. After all, if you want forward motion, it’s critical to be organized.

One reason CoSchedule is awesome: Multi-Calendar feature

CoSchedule understands the need for customization of schedules to the extent that you can create multiple calendars. Think of an entrepreneur who has two different websites, representing two completely different companies. Even if both projects are with the same marketing firm, it may make sense to keep the 2-8 blogs they do each month separate. Plus, the entrepreneur may create content with marketing companies but also independently, in which case another calendar is needed internally.

Anyone who is managing marketing or publishing projects, for themselves, or others, can benefit from this calendar, and the Multi-Calendar feature is an indication of that. This kind of multiuser functionality comes at an upgraded cost, but it’s good that it’s available.

The editorial calendar at a glance:

Here are some of the various functions of CoSchedule:

  • End-to-end marketing calendar – The drag-and-drop calendar lets you see everything you have coming up in an intuitive and structured environment. It makes it easy to build a plan for your content to which everyone can agree.
  • Start your social movement – You can easily build social media into the calendar. The benefit is that you can manage your WordPress blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram in one portal.
  • Access apps you already know – A large part of what CoSchedule achieves is integration. Google Analytics, Google Docs, and Evernote can be synced with your CoSchedule marketing calendar, for instance.
coschedule calendar

WordPress writer explains why she likes CoSchedule

Lindsay Liedke has a very niche focus as a freelance writer: she writes about WordPress. That’s why her perspective on CoSchedule, published in WPWarfare, is particularly interesting: she’s coming at it both as someone who produces content and as someone who appreciates it as an additional form of CMS (content management system) functionality. The tool is undoubtedly useful to her in her relationships with writing clients.

First of all, Liedke establishes the value of content itself. After all, it only makes sense to invest time and resources into the content side of your business if it is indeed powerful. “Content marketing is the intentional act of providing useful, helpful, informative, and otherwise entertaining content to your intended audience,” she says. “Garrett Moon, Co-Founder of CoSchedule, put it best by stating that content marketing is ‘marketing that doesn’t suck.’”

“Content marketing is the intentional act of providing useful, helpful, informative, and otherwise entertaining content to your intended audience.”

Lindsay Liedke
Wordpress Writer

The basic idea behind your efforts with content are on continuing, long-range development. However, something like a blog article, which might take a while to start to affect SEO, will also give you immediate fodder for discussion on social media – an actual new resource on your site to promote.

Nonetheless, content marketing should be seen fundamentally as rooting yourself on the Internet. Valuable content means you are effectively sending down roots and entrenching yourself within the conversation related to your service, within your industry’s sector of the Internet, as a thought-leader. By sharing what you know, Google will start to consider you a legitimate source of information on the subject.

"Content marketing is marketing that doesn’t suck." Garret Moon Co-Founder @CoSchedule #Quote

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Strong editorial calendars such as CoSchedule have the following attributes, says Liedke:

  • Let you see your content strategy comprehensively and in a simple, efficient structure
  • Make it easier to plan
  • Promote collaboration and accountability
  • Provide information about specific content such as key phrases, target, expectations, and dates to complete aspects of editing and publication
  • Allow you to share content via multiple channels.

Need CoSchedule? You can sign up for a 14-day free trial. Here is the WordPress plugin so you can integrate it right into your site.

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