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Why Aren’t You Using Social Media?

Dear TiVo watching, satellite radio listening young people of the 2000’s,

Contrary to popular belief, companies still exist. You may not know about them, since you fast forward through the recorded commercials and play Pandora and XM without any interruptions, but they are out there.

Dear companies that continue to use traditional avenues of advertisements, how’s that working for ya?

Personally, the last time I saw a commercial outside of  Superbowl was when a certain young man would “eat anything,” and another company was bringing good things to life. Then there was something at some point that compared my brain to an egg. Outside of that, I’ve got nothing for you.

I can tell you, however, that there are some hilarious and very effective campaigns on Facebook. One of my favorites is the Allstate character, “Mayhem,” who consistently updates my news feed with very funny comparisons of himself to real life troubles. You should all take a lesson from that one…thousands of “likes” every time.

The bottom line is that if your company is not on Facebook, the future may be dim. That is where EVERYONE is! At first, just the younger generation was on Facebook. Now, however, people of all ages use this site. At the writing of this article, there are over 800 MILLION users of Facebook world wide. What one radio station or TV station reaches 800 million people? On top of that, did you notice that advertising on Facebook is… wait for it… FREE???

Not only is it the “place to be,” for most of the entire world, but “likes” are picked by the people that will see your status. So if a coffee drinker comes to your coffee page, you know it’s because they are interested, not because there’s nothing else on.  Is there a more perfect way of advertising? Your potential customer just hunted YOU down, instead of the older ways of commercials and ads in magazines.

Want some examples? I’m sure these companies will not mind that we show their genius….

Folgers Coffee has 431,136 “fans” on their page.  So, almost half a million people are exposed to the status updates of a brand THEY chose to be a fan of.

Allstate’s Mayhem icon has over 1 million fans, some of whom actively post on that page, becoming a part of the fun.

Walmart has just under one million fans. They (often) see specials or new products, bringing them into the store,  and probably buying more than what they saw on Facebook.

Want to have your mind blown? Go look at the Facebook page for Coca-Cola.

Listen up, advertisers, I will only say this once. If you’re not utilizing social media in 2011, you will fail. Period. Get on out there and start posting some statuses!!!

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  • Dayna Andersen says:

    You raise some very good points. I also like your reference to the old school commercials, all of which I know as well!

    • Thanks, Dayna! I’m glad that you liked it. I usually detest commercials, but a rare few of them are really well done and I like those. The current Star Wars VW commercials are hilarious.

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