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What Magic Word Grabs Any Blogger’s Attention?

I delete hundreds of spam comments.

I trash spam emails.

Messenger pitches? I delete my fair share too.

Most bloggers have no idea how to grab a fellow blogger’s attention span. Even bloggers with some networking acumen act a little like numbskulls when they try to arrest my attention by asking me to do something for them.

Flattery only gets you so far.

But if you increase my financial bottom line, then you’re cooking with gas!

A few moments ago someone sent me a sugary sweet email, complimenting me on one of my blog posts. Near the end of the long-winded ode to Blogging From Paradise, he explained how he wrote a detailed guide that would be a fabulous link to add to my blog post. Stupid approach.

The dumbest way to get my attention is to ask me to do something for you. I have generously helped human beings for 40,000 hours over the past decade of my life. I paid my dues. Even though I am still incredibly generous, you will never catch my attention by asking me to do something for you.

The most intelligent way to get my attention is to do something for me and ask for NOTHING in return. Retweet one of my blog posts. Invite me to guest post on your blog. Comment genuinely on my blog. Promote me on your blog. Interview me. This is how to stand out. This is how to catch my attention.

This proves you are genuinely interested in me as a human being versus only being interested in what I can do for you. Nobody likes being used as a means to someone’s end. The blogger who emailed me wanted to use me, my blog and my blog post as a means of greater exposure, which is a stupid way to try to grab someone’s attention.

How can you grab any blogger’s attention quickly and easily?

Generously help them and expect nothing in return.

Purchases Snag My Attention Span

I recall one blogger buying one of my courses and an eBook.

Of course, she gained access to the course and eBook so she did get something in return but she never emailed me asking for a link, a mention, or for me to hire her. She generously spent her money on my product and eBook. Customers grab my attention quicker than anybody because human use a neutral means of exchange called “money” to secure physical stuff. I appreciate someone who enjoys my content and sends me money for my content and remember them dearly because it’s nice to get that means of exchange to buy stuff, for investing and to increase my savings.

Imagine how quickly the blogger who wanted the link would have snagged my attention if he purchased my course and/or eBook, then, did not ask for anything from me? Forget about it. I would have instantly seen a bond-building opportunity. As our friendship formed organically, either I link to his blog freely, or he asks me a few months down the road for the link, and being friends, I link to him, quickly.

Being generous opens doors that stingy, desperate, greedy, self-serving bloggers never see.

How to Be Generous

Help people for free and expect nothing out of it.

Save linking to my blog, I expect nothing from guest posts I submit to blogs. I write to help bloggers get free, passive traffic.

But that level of generous detachment reaps tremendous benefits. I gain massive exposure, improve my skills and also snag the attention of top bloggers, befriending many of these pros. I have driven significant traffic and profits through my guest posts directly from bloggers I post for and through their readerships. I also attracted interview requests, prospering partnerships and even a recurring podcast guest gig through being generous with my time and talents.

In a world of blogging fools who scream for attention and make their daily donations to spam folders everywhere, generous, genuine bloggers snag fellow blogger’s attention spans quickly and easily. 

If you inspire a blogger to notice you because of your generosity and skills, you lay the foundation for a highly profitable blogging business.

Stop screaming to self serve.

Be generous to befriend fellow bloggers and to become a prospering blogger in your own right.

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