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What Do You Need to Know About New CoSchedule Email Preferences?

Here's what you need to know to make the most of CoSchedule's most recent update:

What is CoSchedule?

coschedule google description

The powerhouse SaaS company presents itself as a content marketing editorial calendar, but aspects of the ecosystem that can be useful as you growth-hack the Web extend beyond that. Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging mentions the following six elements of CoSchedule as particularly valuable:

  1. The blog
  2. The calendar (of course)
  3. The headline analyzer
  4. The integration of Click to Tweet
  5. Free editorial calendar, content plan, and social templates.

10 exclusive fundamentals on new Email Preferences

coschedule email regarding email notifications

On December 21, 2016, Kathryn Nyhus of CoSchedule announced that there was a new feature within the system, allowing users to change their Email Preferences.

Actually, the way this feature is described on the site is not completely parallel with its current version, so I’ll update that information as I summarize and review the company’s own description.

Note: I’m assuming that the feature was released, its language was updated, and the FAQ content on the site has not yet been updated to reflect the changes. It’s possible some of these aspects are customized, but the format of the language suggests they have all been adjusted.

1. Accessing your email preferences

coschedule sample to access notifications

First, go to Account Settings. When you log in, it’s easy to get to that part of the portal. Simply click the gear icon to the right of the name of your account.

You will see basic login information, a Connected Services section, and then directly below that, Email Notification Preferences.

2. Your options

Just as an overview, you can see the way the preferences are listed on the CoSchedule site and compare to the way they look now.

CoSchedule email notifications screenshot in their help article:

email preferences screenshot on coschedule site

Live CoSchedule email notifications on December 21, 2016:

shot of live coschedule email preferences (on 12-21-16)

3. Weekly Review vs. WordPress review

Rather than “Weekly Review,” in my portal, the option is, “Receive weekly review of published WordPress content.” That gives you a quick look at how many posts were made.

4. Billing Payment vs. Receive Payment

Rather than “Billing Payment Confirmation,” what I see is, “Receive payment confirmation.” That just lets you know when the subscription renews.

5. Post Assigned vs. I Am Assigned

Rather than “Post Assigned to Author,” the language in my portal states, “I am assigned as the author of a WordPress post.” This feature lets you know if someone assigns you a post – except if you make the assignment yourself.

6. New Comment vs. Following

Instead of “New Comment,” I see this: “New comment created on an item I am following.” That updates you on any content or campaigns you are following.

7. User Task vs. Someone Completes

Instead of “User Task Completed,” in my account, the option is, “Someone completes my task or a task that I have assigned.” That simply updates you when someone checks off a calendar task.

8. Task Reminder vs. Tomorrow

As opposed to “User Task Reminder,” the language in my Email Preferences is “My task is due tomorrow.” Pro Tip: Be careful with this one if you are using the portal regularly. You probably do not need for this item to be on, but it’s there if you want it – and you could use it as a safeguard.

9. Task Assigned vs. I Am Assigned

As opposed to “User Task Assigned,” my portal states, “I am assigned a task.” This notification can obviously be very useful for calendar tasks – essentially sending the email to assign a task on behalf of your team.

10. Message Failed vs. Any Social Message

Rather than “Social Message Failed,” in my Preferences, it says, “Any social message fails on the calendar.” You get this notification if any social post doesn’t publish correctly.

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