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Twitter Marketing Trends That Will be Unbelievably Strong All Year

How to Really Skyrocket on Twitter in 2017

At last count, nearly two-thirds of businesses used Twitter for marketing (65.8% as of 2015).

How could Twitter help your marketing efforts right now? It’s key to understand what’s trending in marketing and practical advice for Twitter itself. First, though, let’s talk about why this network matters.

Twitter Marketing Trends That Will be Unbelievably Strong All Year

How important is Twitter?

One way to get a sense of the power of this mega-platform is to see how it’s being discussed in terms of the classroom. Desiree Samson of Where Learning Clicks lists these three reasons that Twitter is important to educators:

  • The students are already active on the platform.
  • It can be integrated into lessons.
  • You can use the conversation within state-specific hashtags (such as #NYed or #OHed) to immediately tap into educational discussion within your state.

8 currently  powerful  marketing trends 

Here are top marketing trends for 2017:

1 – User experience (UX)

It’s unsurprising that job search site Indeed currently shows a whopping 832 UX designer jobs in New York City. Think from the customer perspective, and you will be rewarded.

2 – Mature analytics

Numbers aren’t worth much if they’re irrelevant, so it’s all about meaningful metrics. As analytics comes of age, number-based goals will be more directly related to conversion and retention.

3 – Revamped social marketing

Like our understanding of analytics, our sense of purposeful social media is refining as well. “Often, brands use social media to blast highly generic content,” said Daniel Newman in Forbes. “Use social media for the frontline marketing of sales and services.”

4 – Personalization

In 2017, businesses will increasingly adopt personalization strategies to dynamically suit the positioning of their product recommendations to each individual.

5 – Video marketing

Businesses are using video more all the time. One key on Twitter (and Facebook too) is to upload your video directly rather than linking out to YouTube – a Google-owned Twitter competitor. Incredibly, Cisco forecast that 80% of consumer web traffic will be video hits by 2019.

6 – Internet of things (IoT)

Marketing will begin to tap the data collected from billions of web-connected IoT endpoints. It will take time to turn this data into usable insights and actionable strategies, but no one wants to get left behind in the third-platform revolution.

7 – Artificially smart chatbots

Do you need gluten-free food, or do you particularly like spicy eats? Grab an AI-optimized chatbot, and it will use data crumbs and deep learning to send you in a direction customized to meet your preferences.

8 – Data science and marketing technology

To fuel your UX and analytic objectives, it’s critical to integrate your efforts, explained Newman. “As companies aim to connect email, social media, and paid, owned, and earned marketing strategies (among others), they must incorporate technology needed to implement and support it,” he said.

8 Twitter pointers for 2017

As marketing evolves, what are some straightforward, simple ways you can approach Twitter for faster growth? Here are 8 tips to succeed, from Candic Galek of Social Media Today:

  1. Grab a username that reflects your brand.

  2. Take some time to optimize your profile.

  3. Follow thought-leaders and other key influencers.

  4. Interact with your customers and prospects.

  5. Make sure your account isn’t private.

  6. Take it easy with hashtags.

  7. Remember the power of compelling images.

  8. Be careful not to always be selling.

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