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Timeline: Ready or Not Here it Comes! So, Be Ready.

Facebook TimelineFacebook’s long-delayed massive overhaul of user profiles, Timeline, is available for every one of the 800 million plus users of the social network worldwide and will become standard for every user over the next few weeks. I absolutely love it! What does Timeline mean for you?

Timeline, which CEO Mark Zuckerberg first showed off in September of 2011, is a completely different approach to displaying your profile page. It uses the data already stored in Facebook as a visual representation of past activity or a digital scrapbook (almost, but we’ll get to that). You can now scroll back to previous years and see what you (and your friends and family) were posting and where you were checking in. The Timeline extends backwards past the date when you joined and even beyond the start of Facebook itself. Your scrapbook begins with your birth!

For me, this this was a nostalgic trip down memory lane through a social network that has captured much of who I am and what I do. I thoroughly enjoyed it! For some, who were a bit more careless about what they were posting and only considered the moment at hand, this could be a terrifying experience. What will you see? Seeing posts from the early days of Facebook, when it was limited to college students who often shared way too much (and many of whom are now employed in professions where past indiscretions could cost them), this may come as quite a shock if they don’t pay attention. To make sure you don’t get caught unaware, take action now!

Useful things for you to know about the new Facebook Timeline:

Don’t PANIC! There is a seven-day review period.

Once upgraded, you will be able to edit your Timeline and make sure there is nothing visible that could be embarrassing before it goes public. During the seven-day review period, you will be able to publish it at any time. If you choose to wait, it will automatically go live after the week is up. I recommend taking the time to sit down and edit your profile as soon as you enable the

Timeline function, so that you’re ready to publish before you run out of time!

Laura E. Pence Facebook Timeline

Cover Photos are Awesome! Don’t waste yours.

The most striking feature is the cover photo* at the top of the new Facebook profile, which stretches across nearly the entire page width. How fabulous is that! Your profile photo, which appears as a thumbnail next to your posts site-wide, is now just a small square on your profile. Most users are using this opportunity to make the profile photo a simple head shot and are using the cover photo to show something more personal, like their pet, favorite vacation spot, or family photo. I have part of a collage I made featured; this really is an opportunity to have a little fun, so don’t be afraid to switch it up from time to time!

*Please note that Facebook’s Terms of Service do not allow this photo to be promotional in nature.

No new information is being shared.

It may seem as though Timeline is dredging up the past from some ancient recess, but actually these posts have been viewable on Facebook all along. Before now, your friends would have had to go to your profile and click repeatedly through more posts, but they could travel back through time on your profile, albeit more slowly and laboriously.

Your privacy settings on old posts have NOT changed.

A post shared four years ago that was set to be viewable to friends only will continue to be viewable to only your friends. The only concern here lies in how your definition of “friend” may have changed over the years. A photo or status update that you made in college that you considered acceptable for your college friends may be far from okay for your friends now, who may be your coworkers or even your boss. It won’t hurt to revisit your privacy settings just to make sure that they are just the way you like them.

Your Posts can be expanded or hidden.

Timeline tries to “guess” which of your posts will be the most interesting and makes them viewable. It can try to extrapolate by how many “likes” or comments your post has received. If there is a post that you would like to show off or “feature” that is not, like a new job, graduation, or other life event, you can choose to expand it by clicking “feature”, which will automatically resize the post and any photo included. Sometime the photo looks great expanded… and sometimes not so much (this is where my almost a scrapbook comment comes into play- oh, to be able to drag and drop with impunity- maybe one day…). There were a few photos or events that I was going to feature that just didn’t look quite right when expanded. Luckily, you can just as easily undo a feature. You can also choose to “hide” and item from your Timeline or delete it entirely; it’s all up to you!

Cheryl Pence was born Facebook TimelineYou can add the life events that are important to you.

Facebook is hoping that you will treat your Timeline like a real scrapbook flesh out your Timeline with information from B.F. (Before Facebook). By adding an accurate date to an item, such as a photo, the event will be placed appropriately in your data stream. So now when you upload an old photo from your wedding or a baby picture, you can set the date to whenever the event actually happened so that it appears chronologically in the Timeline.

What are you waiting for?

Facebook Timeline is going live for everyone in the next few weeks, whether you have taken the time to take control of your feed or not. I highly recommend that you take the time to do it now and do it right! When you’re ready to launch, if you’ve had as much fun as I have, and if you want to show off your snazzy new cover photo… please feel free to comment below and share a link to your page (if your profile is viewable to the public- otherwise there really isn’t much for us to see)! How do you like it? Do tell…



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