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Timeline for Pages for Leap Year? A Facebook Mystery.

February 29February 29 only appears on the calendar only every four years,

and this 2012 leap year may include Facebook’s official announcement of Timeline for pages.  Facebook pushed back the launch of Timeline for brands to the end of February and is likely anticipating an immediate launch for Timeline Brand Pages once an official announcement is made. This announcement may come at the Facebook Marketing Conference, parts of which will be live-streamed and which will be held in New York on Leap Day. Featuring keynote speakers  Sheryl Sandberg (Chief Operating Officer), Chris Cox (Vice President of Product), and David Fischer (VP of Advertising and Global Operations) this should be quite an event!

Timeline has been available for profiles since December

and will become standard for all users over the next few weeks. Timeline for individual users essentially redesigns their Facebook pages, turning every status update and photo post into a single, long, visually appealing “narrative” of their life. Users who haven’t already made the switch will have 7 days to preview their pages to give them the chance to add or hide whatever they want before anyone else sees it.

TimelineLogically, the next step is for that rollout to include Brand Pages.

A Facebook spokesperson told Business Insider: “…we believe that consistency in both functionality and appearance increase use of Facebook.  We hope to make Pages more consistent with the Timeline in the future, but we have nothing further to share at this time.”

“At Facebook they pushed back the launch of Timeline for brands to the end of February,” a source who has been briefed by Facebook ad sales executives told Business Weekly. The source noted the Feb. 29 “fMC” confab, hosted by vp/global ad sales Carolyn Everson, and added “Those two pieces of information are too much of a coincidence.”

The second source said, “Timeline is coming to Brand Pages,” and added that many marketers remain ignorant of how it’s going to work and how it may affect them. “Most people don’t even know.”

If the information given to Business Insider from the sources is accurate, the executives speaking at the upcoming Facebook Marketing Conference are a perfectly poised to handle the introduction of Timeline for Brand Pages.

It’s entirely possible that Facebook may announce something completely unanticipated, but equally interesting to marketers. Facebook won’t disclose a launch date for Timeline on pages until the rollout of Timeline for individual profiles is complete, and the completion date for project that remains a bit of a mystery.

FacebookI truly hope that they make an announcement this month.

I love Timeline and cannot wait for added functionality on my business page! It does, however, lead me to wonder if they will be making any other changes at the same time and how that will affect marketing strategy on Facebook moving forward. This is just one of the many reasons that I love Social Media… I never get bored!

What do you think?

Will they make an announcement or not? Do you want Timeline for your Brand or does it scare you silly? Comment below!


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Laura Pence Atencio

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  • Marc R. Enriquez says:

    Howdy Laura,

    First time reader here. -=]

    I’m looking forward to this as well, though I know many aren’t, simply because these changes equal something new to have to go and *ugh* learn.

    I thoroughly believe the Facebook team knows what they’re doing and that anything they feel will increase use of the platform (and make the user experience better) can only benefit the businesses that work to stay on top of things.

    Of course, the question remains whether the potential for a Leap Year-Day(?) roll out simply means a handful of pages will have access to it. History suggests this is probably the case.

    Thanks for the heads up about the potential 2/29 announcement. -=]

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