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The PowHer Up Online Series is on NOW. Are you in?

Amazing Female Experts Brought Together for YOU

The mastermind behind this online series, Alpana Aras, empowers women personally and professionally with images that let them know they are profoundly seen in our image-saturated world. Her signature skill is finding the story in a person and bringing it to life. She has now focused the same talent on bringing together a phenomenal group of experts and giving powerful interviews to draw out key points to help women excel in business!

Her artistic expertise and ability to connect with people from all walks of life are informed by over 20+ years in various genres of photography like family, fashion, street, and advertising. She left nothing on the table when putting together this series together.

PowHerUp Alpana Aras

Erin Cell, Founder of Socially Powered

PowHerUp Erin Cell

Erin is a powerhouse bringing her more than 20 years experience in corporate America to bear on social media strategy. She has multiple degrees and certifications in marketing and she specializes in digital marketing, blockchain and cryptocurrency, and podcast production.

She was a founding member of the group, Colorado Women in Social Media. A group of women who specialize in social media to mentor, consult, educate, inspire, and collaborate. She also organized and held the popular event, Social Media Day Denver, for the past several years.

She regularly speaks around the Denver area on social media success strategies, live streaming, getting started with social, resources, tools and hands-on demonstrations on a variety of platforms. She has a wealth of knowledge to share and gives freely and generously. 

Make sure you check out her session after you register.

Katie Collins, Founder The Entrepreneur Sisterhood 

Katie is on a mission to help you get more of your service out there.

She believes the world needs a paradigm shift, where living holistically isn't an answer to our disease, but what we do to prevent it. That's why she's made it her business to help you with yours.

Your service helps people get there… through your online expertise, transformational coaching, lifestyle and diet changes, or through healing and growth. 

When you're stuck, Katie knows how to get you moving! 

She is a successful coach in her own right and runs an amazing community for female entrepreneurs. 

PowHerUp Katie Collins

It's not too late to join in the PowHer Up Online Series and get the kick in the butt you need to make real change in your business this year! Register now: #PowHerUp

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Laura Pence Atencio, Founder Social Savvy Geek

PowHerUp Laura Pence Atencio

I am proud to present in this series! My interview covers some of my absolute favorite marketing "golden nuggets." Alpana and I talk about Ideal Client Avatars, Customer Journeys, Planning to Succeed, and much, much more...

I give insight into some of the most effective strategies and tips that help my clients level up, whether that means setting up a profitable business or breaking through the all too common 250k plateau. This advice is particularly applicable for speakers, authors, podcasters, and entrepreneurial coaches and consultants.

Tips and Takeaways You Can Expect

You will be able to access interviews from me and various experts that are 20-30 minutes long. They will help you feel energized and move forward with your goals. 

Here’s what is going to be covered in the VIDEO INTERVIEWS:

  • How do you use your personal brand as a digital nomad to connect with prospects?
  • How has can being rebellious help you as an entrepreneur?
  • How can you style your way to business?
  • Why is it important for business owners to focus on profit vs. revenue?
  • Why is the topic of money important for women entrepreneurs?
  • How do you get Pinterest to work as an SEO tool and generate more business?
  • And much, much more...

If you are a driven woman entrepreneur that is looking for a transformation of your business and want to unlock some answers, this is a show you don’t want to miss! Whether you are new to business or feel stuck in an established business, this series can help you take that next step.

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Laura Pence Atencio

As Founder and CEO of Social Savvy Geek, LLC., Laura Pence Atencio is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners meet and exceed their goals. She is committed to providing the most engaging and effective strategies in online marketing by combining traditional business networking and marketing fundamentals and best practices with current and engaging online marketing methods and tactics. Laura has worked with some of the top names in Internet Marketing and has consulted with entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits in the US and abroad. She is the author of the popular article, 10 Tips to Build Your Twitter List Now, which has been published both online and in print in the US, Australia, and New Zealand. A lifetime student herself, Laura has achieved certification as a Computer Administrative Specialist at Beta Tech and has studied Art Education, History, Art History, and Criminal Justice at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is fascinated by learning, sharing and growing, not just in business, but in life. She participates in US Masters Swimming and has ranked in the top 25 nationally in her age group in both the 50 and 100-yard backstroke. She served in the VA Army National Guard as a Combat Engineer in the 229th Engineer Battalion. She never meets strangers, only friends not yet made– an attitude that serves her extremely well in the networking world, both online and off. She currently lives in Denver, CO with her husband, 3-year-old daughter, and German Shephard.