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Social Savvy Geek Denver
by subsilio

“Laura recently completed a project for the Commonwealth of Virginia–training small businesses to use social media more effectively to increase sales. She conducted three sessions, each targeting a specific geographic area: inner city, suburban and rural.

I could not be happier with her performance. She tailored each session to the specific audience, having completed research before making her presentations. She actively engaged the audience, demonstrated practical applications, used Power Point judiciously, encouraged questions and gave clear answers.

Laura went above and beyond our agreement, staying after each session to help individual businesses with their specific questions and issues. Several times at each session I heard experienced social media users that had just dropped by to check on the class say, “I learned some new things.”

I highly recommend Laura E. Pence and her company, Social Savvy Geek, as a consultant for social media strategy or as a provider of on-going social media support.”


Business Services Manager – Virginia Department of Business Assistance

“Laura brings much knowledge and expertise in the field of Social Media. She has been so helpful to my company in bringing me up to speed. She’s very passionate and loves what she does with great energy and it shows through in her work. If you ever need help in this arena, which most of us do, then she’s your girl!”


Owner, Interior Designer – Designs By Cheryl

“Laura is an absolute pleasure to work with! She’s flexible and completely understanding when it comes to her sub-contractors. Every time we communicated, she answered each question I had fully and without hesitation. If she wasn’t such a joy to work with, JubeoSocial and Social Savvy Geek LLC wouldn’t be collaborating on our third and fourth projects together!”


Founder, President – JubeoSocial

“Laura has helped me increase my rankings on social media sites and has coached me so I now have a far greater understanding of how to participate in social media in a way that is good for my business. She is up-to-date with current technology, a great problem-solver, and an effective communicator on complex subject. In three one-hour sessions I went from floundering with my social media efforts to being much more effective. I am finding that many more people are signing up for my blog since I began following Laura’s recommendations. Laura is generous with her information and time, very committed to the success of her clients. It has been a pleasure working with her! I recommend her to anyone trying to get a handle on how to make social media an effective marketing tool.”


Owner, Speaker, Author, Feng Shui Practitioner, and Certified Professional Organizer – Rock Scissors Paper Institute

“Laura has become an intricate part of my growing my business. She does the admin tasks that I either don’t want to do or no longer have time to do. Her expertise with social media and website development is a bonus as a virtual assistant. She is innovative and provides a wide variety of services that can take the stress away of running a business while helping you grow it.”


Owner, Speaker, Author, Certified Hypnotist, Master Energy Therapist, Licensed Science of Mind Minister – BreakThrough!

“Laura continues to prove herself over and over to her clients. Her knowledge of social media is just the start of her brilliance. She tackles projects (even those beyond her current scope) and does the research to complete every detail.”


Speaker, Author, Results Trainer – Successful Life Sailing

“Laura Pence has made a huge impact on my social networking websites. She has also designed my website with a professional look. Laura’s knowledge of social networking has effectively increased prospective business contacts from my social networks. She has made significant changes to my website to optimize it for Google and other search engines. The traffic to my site has exceedingly improved. I give Laura Pence my strong recommendation.”


Owner, Senior Mortgage Broker – VA Mortgage Bankers

“Being temporarily unemployed, I attend several job search groups. Knowing Laura’s occupation, I asked her if she would be willing to volunteer some of her time and do some LinkedIn training for us. She immediately responded yes, and scheduled the training for the following week’s meeting.

Her presentation was excellent. She walked through each aspect of LinkedIn, showing new users how to create an account and use the application, and giving current users helpful hints on how to better utilize the tools available. Her Powerpoint presentation was professional and well prepared. She was relaxed, friendly and open to questions.

I received many compliments from group members about how much they enjoyed Laura’s presentation and how much they learned from her. I’m very appreciative of her willingness to help and am impressed with her professionalism and knowledge of social media. I would recommend Laura any time!”