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Stand Out at Trade Shows with These 6 Smart Tips

6 Smart Tips to Stand Out at Tradeshows
Trade shows are a great way to get your product in front of new customers, distributors, and industry experts. For many companies, they account for a large part of the marketing budget. However, that money can be completely wasted if you don’t stand out from the crowd. You’re going to be next to hundreds of other products, so you’ve got to do something to catch people’s attention. Here’s how to stand out at trade shows. 

Start long before you get there

First of all, preparation is absolutely key to standing out at trade shows. You need to start early and make sure that you have got everything prepared. This will give you time to experiment with ideas, look for inspiration, and check out your competitors. If you are considering signing up for a trade show in a couple of weeks, you should probably give it a miss. They are too expensive to waste the opportunity. 

Give away something unusual 

One of the best things about attending trade shows is all the freebies you get. However, if you think that handing out a branded pen or memory stick is good enough, think again. You need to think outside the box here. The more unusual your giveaway, the more chance people will have of remembering the brand. However, it’s also important to think of something that people can use every day. This will keep your brand in their mind. Some ideas include custom Yeti cups, eco plant pots, and custom socks. 

Use humor to create a buzz 

Trade shows can get pretty boring. After you’ve heard hundreds of companies proudly talking about their brand values and new zany product ideas, you can start to get pretty fed up. That’s why you should consider bringing some levity to the event. Using humor can soften up your brand image and make your stall inviting. A humorous banner or pop-up sign will certainly get people’s attention. Just make sure you’re ready to back it up when people start talking to you. 

Use "As Seen On" to build clout

If your product has been featured in industry magazines, blogs, or even on TV, it’s important to show off about this. This is called “As Seen On” in marketing. It will automatically build clout and let people know that you are worth paying attention to. People will be curious about your product before they even know what it is.

Invest in a great display 

One of the worst mistakes you can make at a trade show is not investing in your display. You have probably spent thousands on having a stall at the event, so don’t cheap out on the actual display. An impressive and well-designed display will help you build a brand image. Plus, it will intrigue passers-by. 

Create the longest line

There’s something oddly attractive about a long line. People want to join just to see what the fuss is about. You can create a line by offering a fun activity or free food/drink. Just make sure it’s attractive enough to get people’s attention. Then, when they’re queuing, you can give them your pitch. 

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