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Will Podcasts Kill the Radio Star?
Around a third of all Americans claim that they’ve been listening to at least one podcast in the last month, and some of the most popular topics are politics, lifestyle, and news.
Your Content is Vital to the Success of Your Influential Event
Today we will be talking about Why Your Content is Vital to the Success of Your Influential Event. We’ll cover[...]
Why You Need to Build Systems and Structures for Your Course
 Today we will be talking about building systems and structures for your online course. We’ll cover why you need them[...]
What Is the Best Timeline for Promoting Your Live Event?
Today we’re covering the importance of creating a marketing timeline in advance of your event. I’ve made it fairly obvious[...]
Why Your Messaging Matters From Promo To Sale
Today we will be talking about Why Your Messaging Matters from Promo to Sale. We will zero in why consistency[...]
How to Attract Your Ideal Clients to Your Next Event
Quick Navigation Marketing for In-Person EventsAmazing ChangesHow to Use Your AvatarMy favorite Avatar is named Julie! Special Guest, Monica GutierrezUnique ChallengesDo[...]
How to Choose the Best Channels to Build Your Engaged Community
There are so many different outlets or channels to begin sharing your influence that it can seem totally overwhelming. You[...]
Why You Need to Know Your Client for an Effective Personal Brand
We’ve written about Knowing Your Avatar and why that is important to you as an entrepreneur. As a reminder, your[...]
Choosing Your Channels… You Don’t Need to Be Everywhere
Quick NavigationWhy do you need to be on social media at all?  7 Most Common Misconceptions About Online Marketing 3. If You[...]
How to Create an Ideal Client Avatar that Will Magnetize Your Audience
Quick NavigationMaking Your Ideal Client Come to LifeHow Your Avatar Changes EverythingWhy Your Avatar is FoundationalSpecial Guest, Kaylie HallYour Avatar[...]
Getting to Know Your Geek and How to Win at Marketing
Quick NavigationA few fun facts about meMy Philosophies on MarketingMy Marketing MixSpecial Guest, Anthony PrichardWhat's to Come in Future Episodes[...]

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