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Oi! Look at my Site! – A Guide to Getting Attention for Your Website

Five Year Old Boy Using Laptop ComputerWhen you are running a website that you want to be a success you can learn a lot from the naughty two to five year olds you know. They can’t show you how to program or how to do SEO (unless they’re a child prodigy), but what they can show you is how to simply get attention, and getting attention is something high on a webmaster’s wish list – or at least it should be. In a way SEO itself is just a strategy to get noticed, but every site owner knows how to do that or how to find a service that can. Instead then, we’re looking at simply how to get noticed, make a splash and get people talking about you for better or worse. Here we will look at how to do this successfully.

It’s All About Who You Know

 If you want to be a success then you need to associate yourself with the right people and get noticed by the web personalities who already matter. If you look at SEO experts and gurus who already have successful blogs with big followings, then you’ll notice that all of them have a kind of ‘cult’ of personality. Their name becomes a brand and this ensures that people track down their articles, spread word of their websites and buy their books.

That’s how you want to be, and the best way to accomplish this is by associating yourself with them. The first way to do this is by simply mentioning the other bloggers a lot. If you constantly mention them then people will start to think of your names together and they will put you in the same category.

Better yet though you want them to mention you, and if possible you want them to link to your site. Accomplishing this is a little tricky but it can be done. Make sure that you look at their content, that you think about what they offer and what they’re interested in, and that you then design your site so that they might approve.

Think of them as you might think about someone you want to date and come up with a plan to ‘woo’ them. One way you could do this is to look at one of their articles then expand on it and add more value. Send them the link and if it’s genuinely added good value then they’ll be sure to show it to their viewers. Likewise try reviewing one of their books, or send them something of yours in the post.

Internet Killed the Magazine Star

 Magazines may be on the decline but they still have circulations of thousands and this is a great way to promote your site. At the same time if you manage to get a story in a magazine then you’ll probably find other magazines report on the same story and that they put your link on their websites (which generally have very good PR). To get noticed by a magazine use slightly different strategies – send them a press release about your site, send them a review copy of your book if you have one, and try calling the editor to speak in person.

No Press is Bad Press

 And meanwhile be constantly doing things that can get you noticed. This might mean running a competition, it might mean coming up with a viral video or a fun app, or it might mean writing a controversial article that gets people up in arms and gets attention that way. Remember that all publicity is good publicity.

Vadim Kirichenko is freelance technical writer who usually blogs on SEO/SEM. Recent article by him described how can earn good digit of income via ppc and google advertising.

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