Marketing Strategies to Get Seen and Win New Clients

(by developing a wicked strong call to action and knowing where to use it)

Goals for 2017

The quick results you can expect by implementing what you'll learn:

  • Increase Visibility to position yourself as the go-to expert in your industry.
  • Develop a plan that focuses on the most important activities which turn prospects into paying clients using proven strategies.
  • Learn to speak to your ideal audience by creating an irresistible call to action that motivates and  gains instant clicks on your next offer.
How to Quickly Build Your List and Fill Your Sales Funnel

How to Quickly Fill Your Sales Funnel Video (30 min) & Slide Deck

Plan Your Marketing Calendar Workbook Cover

How to Plan a Marketing Calendar that Really Works for YOUR Business Workbook

Call to Action Slide Deck

Create Your Kick-Ass Call to Action Video (30 min) & Worksheet

Podcast Slide Deck

How to Share Your Message Through Podcasting Video (30 min) & Worksheet

Ever feel like you're doing "ALL THE THINGS" and getting nowhere...

We have found that driven, determined entrepreneurs are often doing too much and still finding themselves wondering what more they can do to make their business work...

Does this sound familiar?

"I was everywhere, doing everything, not focused and lost. It wasn’t until I figured out that I needed a marketing calendar to dictate my business in a way that empowered me to move forward with direction and confidence. Since that time, my business feels more complete, my offers gain more traction, which in turn gained me more clients, and able to fill programs easily and successfully unlike before!"

Most entrepreneurs start out doing way too much... Spreading yourself thin and unable to follow up with leads to close business... 

This 4 part program will get you focused on strategies and tactics for short term growth AND long term success :


The Marketing Calendar Workbook leads you through exercises to choose the best activities for maximum impact inside your business  so you can attract your ideal clients for increased income! Planning your month, quarter, and year in advance allows you to say YES or NO to activities with ease.

Fill Your Funnel

The How to Quickly Build Your List & Fill Your Sales Funnel Video shows you exactly  where to use your marketing messages for maximum impact. It covers both online and offline marketing efforts. When used in conjunction with a solid marketing calendar... watch out! The slide deck is included for use as a handy checklist.

Gain Buy In

Create Your Irresistible Call to Action Video & Worksheet helps you identify your next irresistible offer so your email list will explode with new prospects and warm leads! Present your ideal clients with a solution they're already searching for... and everyone wins!

Spread the Word

How to Share Your Message through Podcasting Video and Worksheet will lead you pitching a rocking email to get you noticed, how to speak your message authentically, and then gain new leads through your irresistible call to action. Guest appearances on podcasts with established audiences in your target market can give you just the boost you're looking for... 

Nancy Gaines

"Simplify complex information..."

"Laura has an innate ability to take the complex topics of social media and online marketing and simplify them into layman's terms; she's the "geek liaison" bridging the gap between those who speak tech and those who don't. She makes sure her clients understand which online marketing strategies will support their business goals and which fads to avoid. The information she communicates is insightful, relevant, and valuable."

- Nancy Gaines (Productivity Expert & Business Coach)

You don't have to do it ALL right NOW to succeed. You simply need to focus on doing a FEW things at the right time... 

"I was attending every networking event, expo, and conference that related to my field. I was blogging, active on social networks, and diligently sending out newsletters, but I wasn't gaining momentum in my business. I was both exhilarated and exhausted. Determined and frustrated. Once I realized the importance of developing a functional marketing calendar that supported my most important projects and launches, I was able to focus my time and energy for much greater effect. I was able to put systems in place to properly follow up on the connections I was making and move people though a qualification and sales process. My business quadrupled... and I was doing less work!"

Joyce Feustal

"Adept at showing how to use a wide variety of tools"

"I recently had the opportunity to see Laura present her presentation "How to Quickly Build Your Lists and Fill Your Sales Funnel" at a local business education group. She was very adept at showing us all how to use a wide variety of tools, such as email marketing and social media sites, to achieve our goals of building lists and increasing our sales funnel."

- Joyce Feustal (Boomers' Social Media Tutor)

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Debbie Bowie

"More people are signing up..."

"I went from floundering with my social media efforts to being much more effective. I am finding that many more people are signing up for my blog since I began following Laura's recommendations."

- Debbie Bowie (Professional Organizer & Coach)

"Finding my own voice."

“Having a guide was essential to getting me started and finding my own voice.”

(Writer and Coach for Your Ultimate Life)

Why now? If not now, then when?

There is no better time than now to take a good hard look at your marketing activities. If what you're doing right now doesn't support your business objectives... you're spinning your wheels.

No matter how many events you attend or social posts you publish, without a plan to follow up and follow through your efforts are being wasted! 

This mini-course is specifically designed to fast-forward your results. With 90 minutes of no-fluff videos and accompanying workbooks, you will be able to power through the exercises and implement what you've learned quickly

Marketing Strategies to Get Seen and Win New Clients

  • 3 Power Packed Videos
  • 2 Worksheets
  • 1 Workbook
  • 1 Slide Deck

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