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Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

Could Your Website Get Your Business Sued?

Unfortunately, the short answer is a resounding , yes. It's highly likely that your current website setup isn't ADA compliant.  I am not saying this to shame you in any way- mine wasn't, either.

Chances are that your website is currently a "sitting duck" for a lawsuit due to non-compliance with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulations.

Most business owners aren't even aware of these laws... Until it is TOO LATE!

Quite frankly, I am just finding out about these laws myself, since it was brought directly to my attention.

Businesses of all sizes - Large Corporations, Schools, Medium, and Small Businesses... Anyone with a Website - have been and are being actively targeted by "social justice activists."

Attorneys are unable to help and their advice is, "You can't fight this… There's nothing you can do but write them a check."

Businesses are being hit with demand letters for thousands of dollars, and lawyers estimate that it costs a minimum of $20k to try and fight these cases, which makes it more expedient to just pay  up.

Without warning, businesses are taking devastating blows from these little known compliance regulations, and many fear that it could be just the thing to cause a small business owner to go out of business!

In the past, compliance required complicated coding or development that was too expensive for all but the largest corporations. At that time, it may have made sense to roll the dice on chance and hope to go under the radar. My bean counters did the math and this was my own approach for quite some time. It's not at all that I don't care about accessibility and equal access; I simply couldn't foot the bill at that time.

Thankfully, times have change and there are teams of website compliance experts helping businesses, corporations, and schools avoid legal trouble at a much lower up front cost...

One such company, Artistic-Zeal Media LLC has launched a new "ADA Compliance Technology" that can make your website legally compliant in only 48-hours from so you don't fall victim to lawsuits which could wipe out your business financially. No more hoping that no one notices that your site isn't up to date, legally.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out their new technology on our website!

To anyone not in need of accessibility features, your site will appear exactly the same as it does now. The features which add ease of use for those who need them are accessed through an icon that matches your theme colors and appears in the lower lefthand corner of your site.

Wheelchair Icon

The best part is that the technology updates every 24-hours to keep your website compliant. This way, as the website owner, you can have peace of mind knowing your site is protected.


  • Avoid demand letter, litigations, and penalties
  • Quick and easy installation (simply cut and paste code)
  • No impact on website design
  • Individuals with disabilities can personalize their experience to suit their needs
  •  1 in 5 people who were left out before can be included
  • Most businesses are eligible for a Federal Tax Credit

I checked with my CPA to verify that the tax credit would apply to cover my cost of implementation. Make sure you check with yours so you can claim it if you are also eligible.

You can currently sign up for a FREE Website Compliance Evaluations for small businesses, schools, major corporations, and every kind of organization with a website to protect businesses from threatening compliance lawsuits.

Our readers can also get a Free 7-Day Technology Trial right now. Try it yourself.

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