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Important Things to Consider to Make the Most of Your Live Event

Today we will be talking about important things to consider to make the most of your live event. We’ll cover how to make sure you’ve addressed all the details of the live event launch.

Sometimes people get tunnel vision on one aspect of their event, which means other key parts get left to the last minute or are left out completely. Don’t let this happen to you! When planning an event, be sure to address everything from the location to your post event testimonial and comment evaluation slips. A checklist will save you time and headache later.

Hosting a bigger live event can be daunting and you don’t want to be scrambling last minute. Make sure you have everything done and thought through way ahead of time! Launching any live event can be stressful. You can make it less stressful when you make sure everything is ready to go for the big day.

The Social Savvy Geek Show (our radio show) is like a live event. We market on social media, email, and other platforms and we prepare for the event ahead of time. I sit down with my team to come up with a theme for each season and the content for each show. I don’t just show up to record with a vague idea of what I could talk about. I promise my listeners good content to help them with their own marketing, and I deliver on that promise.

Event Planning Basics

Lets start at the beginning. You have a great idea for an event. Where are you going to host it? Think about aspects of the event site like size of meeting rooms, parking, atmosphere, and number of public restrooms. An event is an extension of you and your brand, so don’t be afraid to shop around. Some venue ideas are:

  • Workplaces
  • Hotels 
  • Event Centers 
  • Offices
  • Banks 
  • Churches

Regardless of where you choose to hold your event, be sure to re-confirm your reservation before your event. You want to make sure they haven’t forgotten you’re coming, double-booked, incurred damages from a natural disaster or burst pipe, or some other last minute issue that might prevent you from using the space. Have a backup venue in mind if something does go wrong.

Now that you have booked a space, it’s time to decide how and where your attendees will sign up for your event. Are you going to use a landing page? If so, make sure it matches your brand’s colors, fonts, messaging, and other distinguishing features, and look back at the last two blog posts for ideas on what to put on your landing page. You could also use an online ticketing service like Eventbrite if you don’t have ticketing available on your website. Regardless of which platform you choose, do your best to create a smooth checkout process. 

Now is a great time to set up your follow up sequence. Schedule and create your email or messenger bot content to thank your guests for attending, collect comments, and make an offer for your next event.

What to Have Ready at the Event

Have presentation materials ready to go well before your event. If you are not speaking, have the people who are send you their slides and handouts ahead of time, so you can test them and make sure they are on point. Materials you might need to have ready include:

  • Presentation Slides  
             Make sure the template, color scheme, and font are in line with your brand. Test your videos and sound at the venue to make sure they are working. Have a clear call to action. Where can your attendees find out more about you? How can they purchase more of your products and/or services?
  • Handouts
              If you are using handouts, makes sure they also align with your brand. Consider making them available both digitally and in print to meet the needs of different attendees.
  • Markers and Pens
             If your attendees need to write their names on their own name tags, be sure to bring plenty of sharpies. You can also provide pens and notepaper with your logo on it to continue marketing to your attendees after they leave.
  • Swag Bag
           Not all events provide swag bags to their attendees, but goodie bags have become the norm in certain industries. If you are handing out swag bags, put some thought into the gifts. What can you give away that is related to your event and what you do? What might your attendees find useful and/or fun and remind them of you later?
  • Testimonials and Evaluations
           Have comment collecting sheets ready to hand out at a strategic time during your event. This is a golden opportunity to collect testimonials to use for future marketing and social proof. These will help you fill seats at your next event. Evaluations will help you improve and let your attendees know you strive to provide the best experience you can.
  • Schedule or Program
             If you are hosting a larger or longer event, give your guests a schedule. People like to know what’s happening next, when lunch is, and where to find the bathrooms. If you think of these details ahead of time, you are letting them know you’ve thought about their needs and done your best to meet them.
Arrive Early

You need to arrive early to make sure everything is set up and your equipment is working. Some things to check are:

  • The Microphones 
  • Sound on your slides
  • Slides and Projector
  • Computer charger reaches an outlet
  • Number of handouts
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Room Temperature
  • Arrangement of tables

Give yourself enough time to address any issues and take a breath before your guests begin to arrive.

Special Guest Monica Miller

Monica Miller is a planner when it comes to her events. She did as much content creation as she could before her Print for Paws event.

Monica Miller has been writing her whole life and published several books. She’s the genius behind content strategy at Monica Writes, a new Mama to a beautiful baby boy, and my friend and power-partner. Together, we co-own Marketing That Converts, an online program for speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs.

Getting Organized

Thinking through all aspects of your event ahead of time and being prepared will make it easier for you to have a successful event. To help you get organized, I created a free Pre-Event Checklist you can download. You can also create a timeline and spreadsheet detailing when you need everything done. Schedule a few items each day, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Realize this is live and learning experience. Not everything is going to go your way, but run with it and have fun! Be prepared to think on your feet and adjust your presentation plans as needed.

Remember, the more you prepare, the better your content will be and the smoother your event will go. Save yourself time and headache, so you can enjoy it.

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