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Have You Been Ignoring Video Marketing? GoAnimate and Leave Your Excuses Behind!

If a picture is worth a thousand words,

GoAnimate Screen Shotthen what is the value of a video? Would you believe that someone has actually done the math? According to Forrester, a single minute of video is worth about 1.8 million words. That’s quite a bit of copy! Using video in email marketing makes readers more likely to click through and people who view videos about products are also more likely to buy.

2015 has been called “The Year of Video Marketing.”

According to business and marketing experts, including Marketing Profs and Forbes, video will continue to dominate the online world in 2015. So, why are so many businesses continuing to ignore such a widely accepted best practice in their own marketing? Why aren’t more companies investing in video marketing?

“Show the readers everything, tell them nothing.”
—Ernest Hemingway

I’ve heard a lot of reasons for not doing video

and most of them are the same excuses that are used for ignoring any other medium. Video is hard, expensive, confusing, and time consuming. Plus, there are the added fears of getting in front of a camera. Many people don’t like the way they look and sound in recordings. I have personally procrastinated on video projects simply because I am pragmatic; I have a finite amount of time for creating content and I wanted to maximize the effectiveness of the time and energy I spent. Here’s the rub: by not making videos I was not maximizing my result. Doh!

The problem has now been identified.

I need video in my marketing mix. Ignoring it is a huge mistake. But, how do I accomplish this task without expensive video equipment and still produce a quality video? I’ve edited video for clients in the past. I can clean up the sound and add text. I’m not afraid of the camera. I don’t mind how my voice sounds, even though I have a lisp that I spent years in speech therapy trying to get it to go away… Still, I’m not doing it. And then a blogging friend of mine reached out and asked if I would be willing to try GoAnimate. Voila! I agreed and with a free trial available I got to work.

I made a video.

Okay, I admit… I made videos. I will make more videos. I can’t wait to make more videos! My sixteen year old nephew made a video in under 5 minutes. Mine took a little bit longer. My first video is pretty lengthy, at 3 minutes and 15 seconds. I wanted to try to tell a story and I think I succeeded. I love the whiteboard theme and the tools were ridiculously easy to use. It was FUN! Of course, I’m a geek and I enjoy such things, but I’m confident that anyone who has any tech savvy at all, even just a little tiny bit, will be able to produce good videos without too much trouble.

Steve’s Story by Social Savvy Geek on GoAnimate


GoAnimate is my new favorite thing.

My mind is already churning out new ideas at an alarming rate. I’m thinking of ways to add elements from Canva and really rock it out! There are so many elements to play with… animations, music, voiceover (I used my own, but you can hire that part out if you hate your voice), and more. Suddenly, I find myself excited about video and wondering why I wasn’t before.

Are you using video in your marketing? Have you tried GoAnimate? If not, get out of here and go try it. Really. Right now. GoAnimate!

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Laura Pence Atencio

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