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I like it! What does a like actually do for you?

What does a “like” get you? In the world of social media sites, the little thumbs up icon does a lot. Once a person likes a page, they are now connected to everything your company wants known. Having a sale? Your customers know. Hosting an event? Your customers know. Rewarding fans for their support? Oh yeah, they definitely know.

Facebook Likes

Liking a page is just as good as going into a store. When you go out to eat, does your server tell you today’s special? Your facebook page can save them the trouble. Are you advertising in Sunday’s paper? Your Facebook page can save money and paper by doing the same. How much did you pay for your commercial on the 5:00 rush hour radio station line up? Your status on Facebook is free.

Moreover, once you have these fans online, they will be advertising for you as well! Each time you post a status on your page, your fans may like it. If the fans like it, their friends will see that like in their news feed. Thanks, loyal customer, for helping us get the word out! Now, not only do you have their support, but some of their friends’ as well!

I’ve heard it said once, that social media is a waste of time for businesses. If that is true, there is a VERY large number of companies wasting their time. The truth is, it’s gotten to the point now that if a company doesn’t represent themselves on social media, the public will begin to question the legitimacy of their business. Countless companies now include, “visit us on our website or like us on Facebook!” in their advertising campaigns.

A fun little way to test this would be to pick 3 random companies, go to their actual web site, and look for the “f” icon or Twitter logo (or, even better, both). It’s there, trust me. If it isn’t, they are either out of touch, or…well…I’m not sure why else it wouldn’t be there.

The bottom line is that a like is as good as gold. When you keep a presence on social media (whether they like you, follow you or +1 you), they will remember you when they need you. Next time they need the products or services you provide, they will remember your name from seeing you on a daily basis. Some companies even offer discounts or specials through social media, strictly for those that “like” the page. Why wouldn’t they? It is free advertising, after all.

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  • Great points, Jackie. I’m not a marketer, but I like the things I like and I’m happy when they show up in my newsfeed so that I don’t have to go to every page… I like a lot of things!

  • I agree, likes are gold! I get so excited every time I see a new like to my Facebook business page, someone new has circled me on Goolge+ and/or a new follower on Twitter.

  • Totally agree. Even if the companies don’t have official pages it doesn’t mean people don’t talk about them! So they better hurry and create one so people can talk there..

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