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How to Get the Most Out of Pinterest with High Converting Content

Social media can be big business.

Let’s look at some general advice on how your brand or company can get the most out of Pinterest, how to turn your pins into a story (why not?), and closing with some tips from a case study that generated 1.7 million pin views.

How to Get the Most Out of Pinterest with High Converting Content

Strong visual drives 40% better sales

You may know that you want to get some strong visual content on your site. Just consider this case study of Salesforce-owned marketing SaaS company ExactTarget, performed by split-testing platform Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), if you want to know how important visual content really is.

Pinterest for Business

In 2013, ExactTarget was getting ready to hold its annual conference, called Connections, in Indianapolis. To try to get more business, the company was analyzing results from its ticket sales and used VWO to compare how people would respond to two different images. They ran A and B versions of the same splash page, the “A” version an image of a computer with the registration page for the conference on its screen and the “B” version a photo of people in an auditorium listening to a speaker at the previous year’s conference.

Incredibly, the “B” version increased the conversion rate for users clicking through and purchasing tickets to the conference by a whopping 40.18%! Yowzer. Visuals really do matter.

4 ways to boost Pinterest traction

Pinterest is one of the top places you can share visuals.

How can you improve your reach and attract customers through it?

Inspiration on Pinterest comes in many forms with pins that share quotes, art, movies, books—you name it. Pin images that will help inspire and dazzle your followers.

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  • Foster engagement. “Inspiration on Pinterest comes in many forms with pins that share quotes, art, movies, books—you name it,” notes Debbie Hemley of Social Media Examiner. “Pin images that will help inspire and dazzle your followers.”
  • Showcase your site’s images. You can use Pinterest as a way to set up a visual archive. When you join Pinterest, take inventory of all your image assets – anything that’s been used for marketing materials or otherwise.
  • Build community. You can announce a group board, asking customers and partners to pin to it. You maintain control of the title and description, but anyone can pin to the page.
  • Create a story. One other useful tactic is to think of your pins as telling your story. Jewelry and accessory brand Boticca is one example of powerful storytelling via Pinterest. “Aside from pinning its products, the company has different boards such as ‘Boticca Studio Visits’ and ‘Boticca Interviews,’ including image descriptions and links to original stories,” reports social scheduling app Mass Planner.

Case study: 1.7M pin views

Small Business Ideas Blog founder and e-commerce developer Brian Lang has discussed how he scored 1.7 million pin views for his site in 2015. Here is the strategy that worked for him:

  • Set up a system so that you can pin consistently.
  • Select and follow Pinterest users who are interested in the same types of images.
  • Keyword-optimize your pins and boards so people can find them.

Pinterest is an opportunity to create a visual representation of your brand in a booming social network.

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Pinterest is an opportunity to create a visual representation of your brand within a booming social network. After all, it’s much more powerful of a platform for referral traffic than other social sites such as Reddit and Twitter (Shareaholic 2014).

Are you effectively telling your brand’s story on Pinterest? At Social Savvy Geek, we use social networking services such as Pinterest to reach out to customers and build a community around your business. Learn more.

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