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How to Get the Best Engagement with Your Content in 2017

It’s important to remember that social likes aren’t everything. What you really want is engagement, explained Christopher M. Litser in Open Forum. “Once you have the attention of your customers and prospects,” he said, “you need to take the interaction to the next level.”

How to Get the Best Engagement with Your Content in 2007

Here are a few quick ways to enhance engagement in 2017:

1. Focus on UX (user experience) – Make navigation as simple as possible. Nix broken links. Update outdated pieces.

2. Put your best foot forward – Invest some time in the headline and researching how to write titles that will bring you sales.

3. Diversify your media – Try videos, podcasts, interviews, and infographics, suggested Adam Connell of Blogging Wizard. “When publishing different content types,” he said, “you can… tap into an audience that you wouldn’t have had access to previously.”

4. End strong – Neil Patel of Kissmetrics recommended that you focus the last few lines on brevity, summary, and driving toward action.

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