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How to Create an Ideal Client Avatar that Will Magnetize Your Audience

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Today we are diving deep on how to identify your avatar, which is also known as an ideal client or buyer persona. It doesn't matter what you call it, it matters what having one does for your bottom line.

Making Your Ideal Client Come to Life

What on Earth is an Avatar and why do I need to define my ideal client?

  • Made a HUGE difference in my business
  • Changed the way I spoke to people about my business
  • Changed my email messaging
  • Everything became more personal
  • People started responding to my emails and engaging more
  • Response to marketing messages as though they were 1:1

How Your Avatar Changes Everything

It’s important to craft your marketing message in a way that feels as though you’re speaking directly to one person or one specific solution. To do that you must be crystal clear about who you can best serve and exactly who you are attracting through your messaging.

Keep in mind that it doesn't matter if your business model is considered B2B or B2C. All businesses are H2H (Human to Human). At the other end of the email or phone line there is one person reading your message. If you engage the interest of that person you can win the account.

Defining your ideal client will help you create better, more actionable content with their specific needs in mind. The more targeted your audience is, the easier it is to create content that establishes you as an authority in your niche.

“It’s far better to have 100 highly-interested and motivated subscribers in your database than 1,000 lurkers who remain unengaged and take no action.”

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Download your Free Avatar Workbook to create your own client magnetizing marketing messages!

Why Your Avatar is Foundational

Keying in on your ideal client will impact virtually every aspect of your marketing and sales processes including...

  • Marketing Calendar – Where is your avatar networking? What events are they attending? Where can you find them out and about in the wild?
  • Product Creation What solutions is your avatar searching for right now? What need or gap can you fill?
  • Community Building – How can you support your avatar so they can really get to know, like, and trust you?
  • Content Marketing – What blog posts, videos, podcasts, content upgrades, etc. should you create to attract and convert your avatar?
  • Paid Traffic – Which ad platforms should you buy traffic from and what targeting options should you use?
  • Copy-writing – How should you describe offers in your email marketing, ads, and sales letters in a way that speaks to your avatar and compels them to buy?
  • Email Marketing – Which avatar should receive a specific email marketing campaign? How can you speak directly to your avatar so they feel like you wrote just to them?

... and that’s just the tip of the iceberg

Each part of your marketing and sales process that touches your customer will improve when you know exactly who your avatar is and how you can best serve them.

In the end, it’s a human being - one individual person- that buys your products and services. When you know exactly who you are talking to, it allows you to speak or write definitively and with passion. Your energy and enthusiasm will not only attract your ideal client, but also other people who identify with your message.

Generic messaging attracts only low hanging fruit. To level up in your business you need to be decisive and bold! Do not be afraid to niche down and ask for who you really want… you may just get them to love you!

My favorite Avatar is Julie!

She is our primary ideal client. Julie would be the perfect candidate for private or group coaching and VIP events. Knowing her backstory allows us to speak directly to her in our marketing this is especially effective when writing email copy. Putting Julie “across the table” or on the other end of the message makes writing much easier!

In your free workbook, you’ll notice that the categories are flexible. The included worksheet at the back is a tool to help you get real with your avatar. 

Keep in mind:

  • There is some latitude when creating your own.
  • You can always provide more information!
  • The more real your avatar is to you, the better.

“Speaking directly to your ideal client in your marketing will draw them to you like a magnet. They will feel like you are speaking to them one-to-one.”

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Now here’s Julie:

  • Female
  • 43
  • Rural area outside Atlanta, Georgia - Us
  • 85-99k annual (not including spouse)
  • Married to Successful Business Man (Mark, 47)
  • 2 Children (Lexi 14 & Mason 11)
  • 2 dogs 1 cat and plan to expand to owning horses, chickens, and possibly a goat or 2

***You can get extra tips and advice on creating your avatar and other marketing goodness in the Social Savvy Geek Show Insiders Facebook Group.***

  • Julie’s Interests: Business, Entrepreneurship, Motivational Speaking, Politics, Family life, History, Economics, World Events, Wine, Horses, Outdoor Living/Ranching, Health/Fitness
  • Her hobbies: Reading, Speaking, Volunteering, Networking, Church/School
  • Her Activities: Sports, Outdoors (hiking, swimming, running, shooting)
  • Her Values: Conservative/Libertarian, Christian, Modern Feminist, Equal Rights, Loves America, Crunchy 
  • Her Sources of Information: She reads books by Chris Brogan, Jay Bear, and Seth Godin. She reads Inc. and Entrepreneur online. She listens to the Self-Publishing Formula and Sell More Books podcasts. She’s started following coaches and speakers like Gerry Roberts and Brian Tracy, but hasn’t found a favorite, yet. She’s already listened to and acted upon the advice of Amy Porterfield! 
  • Her Attitude: Bold, Outspoken, Confident, Enthusiastic, Giving, Natural Leader, Expert Networker
  • Her challenges and Frustrations: She wants to do it all NOW. Trying to juggle family/civic/work responsibilities. Not enough time. Not enough help. Knows what they want and how to get it, but not how to implement steps/prioritize marketing effectively. Needs support.
  • Her Objections and Roadblocks: Too much business at once could lead to public failure. Success could cause ostracism from friends/family or change in home relationships. Her book won’t sell. Secretly feels unworthy or not good enough - fraud. Exposure. Censure. Humiliation. Loss of friendships. Loss of control.
  • Her goals and desires: Wants to be on National/International stage as keynote speaker and highly paid. Wants books on NY/Amazon best sellers lists. Wants exclusive high end clients. Wants to serve with ease and grace. Wants work and familial success.
  • Her dreams: Serving and living in ease. Successful in home and business. Ability to choose where to focus: civic/philanthropic, family, work. Time to travel, live, write. Home and family secure. Legacy.

Talking to Julie is easy for us. Do you see how this information can inform our messaging?

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*Hint* I teach a workshop on developing your primary avatar!

The Social Savvy Geek Show Podcast

Special Guest, Kaylie Hall

Your avatar informs your marketing from soup to nuts... so it's critical to develop a brand that your ideal clients will respond to in a positive way!

Kaylie is the zealous creative behind Branding Agency, 68 Designs, in Golden, Colorado. She shares her genius by teaching branding and logo design at Red Rocks Community College. I met her through  Experience Pros, another KDMT 1690 Radio Show and community for change-makers.

Find out more about Kaylie on the 68 Designs Facebook Page 

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Won’t speaking so specifically drive potential customers away?   

Your Avatar is Gold!

Don’t underestimate the power of doing this exercise and fully developing your avatar. The better you know them and the more real they become to you, the better you can communicate your business and your offers in ways that really connect and resonate with your ideal client! Go deep and get your dream clients...

The Social Savvy Geek Show Podcast

I have a question for you...

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Where do you get stuck when you’re thinking about your ideal client?

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