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How to Become Influential in Social Media Marketing

Social media is an amazing tool for people to utilize. Everyone is using their favorite platform, including major celebrities who have a lot of influence on we normal people. There are a lot of social media sites that draw different crowds, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat. Millions of people flock to these sites and apps every day to catch up with friends and family and just browse funny anecdotes and stories that people have to share.

The Crazy that is Social Media

When you talk about social media many people think of some of their favorite celebrities that adorn the pages of these sites. Some of them have important messages to share and often use a YouTube influencer to be sure they get their message across.


When you think of a site like Facebook the first celebrity that usually comes to mind is George Takei. Most people know him for his work as Mr. Sulu on Star Trek and more recently for his work on the Broadway hit Allegiance. George posts types of things from jokes to heartwarming stories. He is also big in the LGBT community.


Katy Perry is by far one of the most influential celebrities on Twitter with 93 million followers. She is well known for her pop music and extremely flashy outfits. She tweets about charities like UNICEF and was also helping to campaign for Hillary during the presidential debate.


Instagram is a photo sharing site. On top of the list of influential celebrities is Beyoncé, the queen of pop music and former Destiny's Child member. This pop diva has almost 88 million followers on her Instagram and shares plenty of photos from her shows as well as walking the red carpet at a variety of events.

Marketing and Social Media

You often have to ask why social media marketing works so well and why people use it more often than in the past. One of the main reasons is because everyone is on there and there are very few people in the world who do not know what Facebook or Twitter is.

When it came to marketing your services or products in the past you would create an ad campaign or commercial and that was it; people would see it and they would either like it and buy what you have or not. However, with social media the way it is now, your customers can view what you have and tell you just what they think about it. They may love it or they may hate it, but either way you will be getting some valuable feedback that can help you change what you are doing to please the customers and get more sales.

Reasons Social Media Marketing is Great

There are a multitude of reasons why using social media to market your products is the best solution to selling your product or service. One of the biggest is brand recognition. You have the chance to share your brand with the world. As you build your fan base, more people will see your brand and start sharing it around with their friends this will gain you more fans and potential sales.

As you build your Social Media page you are slowly building a community of loyal shoppers who will, in turn, bring more people into the community as long as what you have to offer is going to benefit everyone. Your influence will also grow as you build your fan base, the more influence you have over the people you are sharing your product or service with the more it will be shared and bring more people in.

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