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How to Be Successful in 2018 with a Content Calendar

Are you getting what you want out of your content? Or are you just flinging it around, hoping something will stick?

I ran into too many entrepreneurs who have no strategy or calendar when it comes to their content and most of the time, they don’t even know that there was such a thing as a content calendar!

I’m sure you have heard the word “content calendar” floating around the internet, but these words have little to no meaning because you’re unsure how to work this calendar into your business. Maybe it just sounds plain complicated!

Perhaps you’ve even wondering, “Why do I even need a content calendar? What will that do for me?”

Many of you now know I love content calendars and content strategy and it hurts my word-loving heart to know there are business owners out there that don’t know how to use a content calendar nor why it’s so crucial to their business success!

So I thought I would write a blog post about the reasons creating a content calendar is crucial to your 2018 success to empower you to begin creating your own content calendar.

#1: Never wonder what to write again with your Content Calendar.

Don’t you hate it when you go to write a blog post or even a social media post and you think, “What do I write?”

When you have a content calendar, you know exactly what to say each and every time because you have actually planned out your content for a month or even longer! You also know where you’ll place your content and when, so there’s no more guesswork.

All you need is a topic and you can write the content easily!

But perhaps you’re asking, “Monica, how do I know what to write about?” Let’s get into the second reason you need a content calendar (and how it’s crucial to your business)!

#2: Your Marketing is a Dictator.

Listen to me before jumping to conclusions! When I am creating a content calendar for my business, the first thing I start with is my marketing activities.

If you know what you’re marketing for the next 30 days or more, then you know what you can write about. Let me give you an example:

When I was launching my online course, Your Blog Launch Made Easy, I gave myself roughly 6 weeks to promote it. So what did I do to lead up to my course launch?

I created relevant content that pertained to my course and wrote content for it throughout my blogs, social media, Facebook Live videos, and more. When I planned for my content, I made sure every single piece of content flowed right into my promotion for my online course.

When you’re marketing a new course, program, service, webinar or anything else, create a series of topics that you can write about relating to your promotion. Feel free to even use content that will be inside your paid program! It gives people a feel for what your paid program will be like if they brought it.

Do you see how this is crucial to your success? When you know what you’re marketing, you can create relevant topics as a way to get your audience excited and engaged so when you begin to promote your new service, you’ll have buyers!

#3: Your Content Calendar helps make your next launch even better.

One thing I love about my content calendar planning is that I can go back and look over a planning period and see what happened.

I can see if my content was on target or if it wasn't. I can also see if what I put out there resonated with my audience. If I didn’t get the results I wanted, I can always tweak my content and topics for the next promotion period.

Your content calendar is going to show you what happened during your promotion period; what worked and what didn’t. It gives you a chance to see whether or not your goals were met.  

Business owners who don’t have a content calendar in their business are spinning their wheels in hopes that their content is working. When you have a content calendar, you don’t have to worry about that anymore because you can see what is working and what isn’t working.

Plus, it’s an opportunity for your audience to get to know you better and vice versa!

If you don’t have a content calendar for your business yet and would like to try your hand at it for 30 days, then download the FREE 30-Day Content Calendar Guide! The Guide was made for you in mind because I know how overwhelming and intimidating a content calendar can be when you're putting it together for the first time.

Inside the Guide, you’ll pick one marketing activity that will guide you to planning your content and what marketing pieces you need.  Use the calendar to plan your topics and where you’ll share them over the next 30 days.

It’s an easy way to get started for the next 30 days, which is manageable, especially for those of you who are just getting started!

Don’t wait any longer, go ahead and download your FREE 30-Day Content Calendar Guide now!

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Monica Milller

​Coaches and Speakers hire me to articulate their message into convertible and profitable content because most are confusing, overwhelmed, and are lost at what to do and say online, so I help them step up into their authentic authority, strategize their message and increase their income all from the powerful use of content creation.