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How a Competent Ghostwriter Helps Your Reach

Have you considered hiring an outside party to handle your blog? Many businesses use a ghostwriter. Let’s look at why they make that choice and how the process might work for your company.

  • What’s the real value of content?
  • Why might a ghostwriter make sense?
  • How does it work?
How a Competent Ghostwriter Helps Your Reach

What’s the real value of content?

There are numerous reasons that it adds value to your business to consistently introduce original content through your blog. It’s one of the most fundamental ways to get high on the rankings, to the extent you gear your blog toward users and search terms or topics you’re targeting. Google’s spider isn’t your only audience, though, of course. You’re also showing your current and potential clients that you’re a thought leader in your industry, and you’re engaging them. Engagement doesn’t just keep people on your site but turns them into leads.

According to Google Trends, interest in “content marketing” started growing noticably and continually from 2011 forward, but it jumped 20% in the fourth quarter of 2015. Describing these findings, Shane Snow of Contently commented, “Content marketing has reached a tipping point.”

Notably, blogging is the #1 form of content marketing (65% vs. 64% for social media and case studies), according to the LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community. HubSpot found that B2B companies with active blogs bring in 67% more leads each month than those who aren’t blogging. Results for B2C marketers have been incredible as well, which is why 77% of them are producing more content in 2016 than they did in 2015.

Why might a ghostwriter make sense?

A ghostwriter is helpful because they are experts at finding interesting information related to what your business does that can provide value to your clients. They are also skilled at the rare art of being invisible, suiting themselves to the needs of your company by not allowing their own personality to get in the way of flawless professional communication.

What businesses need is an efficient and simple way to produce a large amount of content for their sites, if they want to use content marketing tactics effectively. That’s best achieved by working with a company that specializes in producing blogs in numbers, typically once or twice a week, for companies just like yours or from a diverse array of industries.

To look at it another way, writing is not something to throw to the intern. Just like you hire a skilled and credentialed electrician or accountant, it makes sense to hire a skilled and credentialed writer to discuss topics for which your personas are searching.

How does it work?

Strengthening your content marketing is relatively simple. In the case of a blog, the writer or marketing company (which is often where you will find high-quality writers that have been tested) will send you proposed piece topics for the upcoming month that are SEO-focused and also will be useful to clients. You can send blog topics you want covered as well. Typically the best blogs are informational pieces, so your audience is being educated about topics related to your specialty area. All this content is closely aligned with your search strategy.

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