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How to Google Proof Your SEO

Penguin… Panda… Peregrine… Pekingese…

Okay, I made up the last two, but who can keep up these days, anyway? If you can count on Google, for one thing, it’s keeping SEO specialists busy by constantly changing their ranking algorithm. For those providing SEO services, Google’s capriciousness can cause headaches and sleepless nights.

“In the SEO arms race, shortcuts have a shorter shelf-life than ever before.”
~Seth Godin ~2007

Google has gone out of their way to make SEO less effective.SEO Process Whiteboard

Panda focused on “optimization” that was in fact mostly keyword stuffing that resulted in poor content. Penguin made incoming links from poor quality websites useless, which made SEO “ninja” tactics using this method obsolete.

This is a trend for Google, not a passing fad, and that’s actually a good thing.

You can expect this trend to continue. If you’ve been paying for clever SEO shortcuts, their effectiveness is going to be severely limited. In my opinion, that’s how it should be.  As a natural (if indirect) consequence of Google’s recent changes, basic marketing principles, like earning trust and organically accumulating authority, have become more important. This is great news for those of you who have been focusing on solid, time-tested services because you won’t have to reinvent the wheel every time Google changes the rules (and it will).

Businesses (and marketers) may now get back to basics.

So, how do you Google-proof your SEO and avoid update hassles?

  • Provide well-crafted content that is valuable to your audience.
  • Make sure your website is easy to navigate and user-friendly.
  • Concentrate on building your brand long term; it won’t happen overnight.
  • Monitor. Manage. Be proactive. Don’t leave your reputation to chance.
  • Create a culture of service that focuses on developing solid relationships with your clients and colleagues.
  • Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t expect overnight miracles.
  • Don’t forget to regularly analyze your results and adjust your campaigns accordingly.
  • Don’t try to “game the system.” You may win in the short term but lose in the long run.

Initially, SEO as an industry was about sneaky gamesmanship that involved finding and exploiting loopholes in Google’s algorithms. Tactics that worked one day didn’t work the next; it was like trying to hit a moving target. This created a market for “black hat” SEO companies and made it easier for them to take advantage of desperate business owners. The practice of improving a website’s visibility has changed over time. Now it’s less and less about employing furtive shortcuts and more and more about engaging in old-fashioned, quality marketing. It’s about time.


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Laura Pence Atencio

As Founder and CEO of Social Savvy Geek, LLC., Laura Pence Atencio is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners meet and exceed their goals. She is committed to providing the most engaging and effective strategies in online marketing by combining traditional business networking and marketing fundamentals and best practices with current and engaging online marketing methods and tactics. Laura has worked with some of the top names in Internet Marketing and has consulted with entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits in the US and abroad. She is the author of the popular article, 10 Tips to Build Your Twitter List Now, which has been published both online and in print in the US, Australia, and New Zealand. A lifetime student herself, Laura has achieved certification as a Computer Administrative Specialist at Beta Tech and has studied Art Education, History, Art History, and Criminal Justice at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is fascinated by learning, sharing and growing, not just in business, but in life. She participates in US Masters Swimming and has ranked in the top 25 nationally in her age group in both the 50 and 100-yard backstroke. She served in the VA Army National Guard as a Combat Engineer in the 229th Engineer Battalion. She never meets strangers, only friends not yet made– an attitude that serves her extremely well in the networking world, both online and off. She currently lives in Denver, CO with her husband, 3-year-old daughter, and German Shephard.

  • Blake Douglass says:

    Great post Laura! I lose sleep wondering if I’m pumping enough redundant keywords into my post’s. It’s nice to know we can start focusing more on producing great content and actually be rewarded for it!

    -Blake Douglass

  • mark bayron says:

    As Google is one of the leading search engine in World Wide Web, therefore most of the SEO techniques are fully based on its features and changes, due to regular changes making by Google SEO industries are facing lots of errors in their SEO techniques, I was just wondering what changes should make by Google in the upcoming version of its update.

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