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Creating A Landing Page That Converts Visitors Into Leads

Anatomy of a Landing PageThe challenge of turning good website traffic into leads that you can follow up is one of the most difficult aspects of web marketing, and this is particularly relevant when it comes to websites that are offering a product or service.  Many visitors will be browsing to see what your site has to offer, and a good landing page has the double effect of giving a visual image of the product and also getting people to declare their interest in your product, or to sign up for the service.  The key challenge is actually making a landing page that does this, and there are several pitfalls to avoid.


The most important feature of all for a good landing page is that it is simple, as too much information and too many things going on can simply be a distraction for the visitor.  While a landing page won’t usually be designed to get the visitor to sign up there and then, it is really the hook that will allow you to reel them in with good marketing material.  However, you don’t want to try and deceive the visitor either, as this will only lead to a negative impression of your website and your company, and may actually deter them from using your products or services in the future.

Special Offers

This is one of the most effective ways of converting visitors to your page to a willing customer, and what you can offer in the special deal will depend on what your company does.  For example, many companies will send out small samplers to those who input their details on the system and agree to be added to their mailing list.  For companies dealing in software or an online service, a free trial or a big discount for the first month can be enough to convince many visitors to give your company a try, and the landing page is where you can make this offer big and bold.


This is often about simplicity, but it is also important to make sure that your landing page is attractive and has enough information to make visitors want to take action.  You may want them to type their email into the little box you have provided, but if it is unclear what will happen or why they should do this then most people will simply not enter their details.  An attractive picture can be a good visual representation of your product, and a small amount of clear text should make it clear to the visitors what you will do with their details, and what, if anything they will get.

Trial And Error

The reality is that there is not one foolproof method of creating a landing page that will convert those hard earned visitors into potential clients and customers for your company.  A bold and colourful page may work amazingly well on a website promoting decorating tools for example, but the same colour scheme may be a huge turn-off for those who are looking for home insurance.  The key here is to keep trying different approaches to try and get your visitors converted into leads, and once you find something that is working very well – keep doing it!


About the author: 

Sandy is a web designer that has helped to optimize several websites and has designed several successful landing pages, along with a few that didn’t work too!

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