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Can a Social Media Page Save the Job of a Holocaust Survivor?

Jay Ipson Holocaust Survivor and Founder of the Virginia Holocaust MuseumIn Richmond, Virginia, one of the founders of the Virginia Holocaust Museum is being asked to leave his position. While all the details are not yet available as to why, the city of Richmond is quite upset. Jay Ipson, Holocaust survivor, and founder of the landmark museum, has been a local teacher and hero for over ten years. He built the lessons of the museum around his own experiences as a child in the Holocaust, and visitors get the privilege of a first hand account of one of the biggest tragedies in history. Countless busloads of children have learned from Jay,  even getting to ask questions face to face from one of the few remaining survivors this country has left. It has been argued that there is no better teacher than the person that experienced an events first hand. Richmond wants to keep Jay around as long as they can. Unfortunately for this city, at the end of this month, that will come to a stop. Or… will it?

On Facebook, a new movement has been started, that is begging the board of directors of the museum to rethink their decision. In just under four full days (at time of publishing this article), the page now has 500 fans.  Along with a growing fan base, two local news crews have covered this story, including the page itself.  While some people get on Facebook to see what their friends are up to, 500 “Richmonders” have signed on to have their voices heard in saying, “Jay Must Stay!”

Will this page garnish the results that the fans of the page are hoping for? Well, that all depends on who wants in on the action. This is not an “I like dogs”  kind of page,  it’s a mission that locals are wanting to be a part of.  I asked Jay if he wanted to leave, and his response was, “no, this is not by my choice.”  So far it’s not Richmond’s choice, either.

Yet again, social media proves to be a force to be reckoned with.

Here at Social Savvy Geek, we fully support a Holocaust survivor and his history. We also support the continued teachings of the Holocaust, so that it never becomes a forgotten piece of history. We believe that there is none better than the subject of a story to also be the story-teller. We at Social Savvy Geek support the power of social media, the community coming together,  we support people coming together about a just cause, and we support the “Jay Must Stay” movement.

View the Jay Must Stay page here:

Check back for updates as this story unfolds…

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  • Carolyn says:

    Hi Jackie, This certainly sounds like a tragedy. Did the board of directors give any reason for their actions?

    • Carolyn, thanks for your question. We have yet to hear any comments or statements on this issue from the board. We would, of course, like to. But more importantly, we just want Jay to stay.

  • Eleanora Pulcrano says:

    Jay Must Stay! Who are these nimrods that think they have the the best knowledge for this job?? They need to leave things alone. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I hate to think that these are “boomers”. I am one and lately we are a big embarrassment.

  • Richard Hayes says:

    On 5/31 the Jay Must Stay Facebook page was created. Since then it has been rapidly gaining support. As of this morning it has 688 likes, nearly 100 a day. There are numerous posts outlining what Jay means to individuals and celebrating his hard work.

    The local website Social Savvy Media has picked up the cause and the story has appeared on CBS6, ABC8, and NBC12.

    Unless the Virginia Holocaust Museum speaks up about their decision I expect the pressure will continue.

  • Mohammed Jawed Khan Shervani ( MJKS) says:

    Mr. Jay Ipson, deserves value added treatment from our society where ever, a Holocaust survivor, and founder of the landmark museum, could survive then but not now; why ? In a recent book on Chingiz Khan, Prof. Haqqui ( PhD-London University) states, ” Chingiz Khan used his personal war savor-old Horses in developing and disciplining the younger horses at a guarded farm: for quick training process!”
    Remaining attached to the Museum, Jay Ipson will live longer to effect badly needed change from within; else a branch that gets detached from its tree in the autumn; can not remain green by a spring shower!
    Those who value their seniors, actually guard their own future in a civilized civilization…
    MJK Shervani

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