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6 Reasons Your Coaching Business Needs Handwritten Letters

6 Reasons Your Coaching Business Needs Handwritten Letters

Today, most people send emails, texts, and social media messages to their prospects and customers. While digital ways to connect are convenient and quick, they do not bring the personal touch that handwritten letters have. Here are 6 reasons why coaching businesses need handwritten letters.

Your Clients Will Feel Special

It’s always a good idea to show your customers that you care about them. Something as simple as a handwritten letter can make all the difference when you share it with prospects and clients. It makes them feel special – and in this digital age where everything is done virtually, receiving an actual piece of paper in the mail has proven to be something people really enjoy.

A handwritten letter – a personal note, written with care – is an effective way to connect with someone. A handwritten letter not only feels like a surprise; it helps you to feel more connected and cared for.

People Actually Open Handwritten Letters

In this day of emails and instant messaging, there’s something special about receiving a letter in the mail. A handwritten note is personal, tangible, and unique… unlike just any email you might read or dismiss at your own convenience. 

According to the U.S. Postal Regulatory Commission, the average American received only 10 pieces of personal mail for the year in 2017. Handwritten mail stands out. It’s so special to receive a handwritten letter that expresses something meaningful and personal; even a well-crafted email can’t touch it. 

Handwritten Notes are More Creative

When any business writes generic copy, they're basically going through the motions; they show a lack of creative and personal flair. For example, let's say you are a business coach who wants to share more information about your business on your website and social media. With generic writing, you'd end up posting mediocre sounding stuff like “I help my clients meet their business goals”.

Modern marketing tends towards methods of sending the same message to a large audience, regardless of whether each individual will be interested. It feels forced, unnatural, and ultimately puts off potential clients. Handwritten notes are different; they aren’t impersonal like mailers are, but small enough to craft an individualized statement using a friendly tone of voice instead of just offering bland statements that have been sent out hundreds of times over. Using your ideal client avatar as your inspiration, send a small batch of handwritten notes the next time you have an important message to convey.

Handwritten Messages Build Trust

Relationships are what allow us to trust one another through cooperation and understanding. If you want to do business with a company or person, you must have a relationship with them in order to be successful. You'll want to think about how you can use your relationships in new ways that aren't just about connecting on social media, but involve real-life connections as well.

When you establish rapport with your clients, you’re able to connect with them on a more personal and individualized level that allows for loyalty and a positive relationship. Essentially, this answers the human need to connect; we crave conversations, we crave relationships, we crave connection and rapport with others, and if our communication is one-sided, it can leave us wanting more. A solid understanding of the needs of your clients will increase trust by building rapport because it establishes you as a true expert in your field. This is critical in any business where you are coaching other people on how to improve their lives or businesses.

Surprise and Delight Increases Retention

Imagine the delight of your clients getting a handwritten note following their enrollment! Imagine how much it would mean and show that there’s a living, breathing human being who was thoughtful enough to take time out of their day for them.

One can only imagine how much this demonstration of consideration towards them will mean. Including notes to celebrate milestones increases retention. A thoughtful gesture like this goes a long way towards keeping clients engaged, which is important when showing off what your business has to offer while simultaneously incorporating in new ways they can receive and enjoy it. 

Create Time for Handwritten Notes

Scaling your business means increasing your revenue by adding quantity. If you want to scale your business without losing quality, then maintaining a personal touch is critical. This can become a challenge as your programs attract more ideal clients. Without effective systems in place, the demands on your time can add up quickly, so adding in a handwritten element may seem counterintuitive.

Just like with using an email service provider (ESP), there are tools available for handwritten notes that will allow you to use customizable templates, schedule individual notes or in bulk, and integrate with your customer relationship management tool (CRM). You can easily add handwritten notes to your marketing system even if you are short on time using a handwritten note generator.

Writing a note is a great way to make a good impression, on new contacts and clients alike. If you are looking for a way to stand out from your peers, then sending a note is a great way to do it. Be sure to send a handwritten note to form a bond with new contacts and to deepen relationships with existing clients.

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