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5 Website Design Features That Keep Customers Happy

When you run a website or online shop, customer satisfaction is incredibly important. You want people to easily be able to find what they want, without needing to click around and to easily be able to complete checkout or get in touch with you. Here are some of the website design features that will keep visitors to your site happy.

  1. Easy to find information

Customers don’t want to click around endlessly looking for what they’ve come for. You should think of your website as a shop, with things laid out neatly on shelves and in categories, so people can easily pick them up. Look at improving your site’s search functionality, and perhaps having an easy to use FAQ section, with links to the correct content. It’s also important to have your contact details in the header or footer of your site. If people need to dig around to find your address or phone number, then they’ll get frustrated, and many scam sites hide their details, so it makes your site seem less legitimate.

  1. Optimized, fast-loading pages

While you may want to add loads of images and cool design effects to your page, a study by Google showed that people prefer simple website designs, so make sure your page only has the essentials. Sites should be optimized for different mobile and tablet devices and browsers, so they look great no matter how people visit them, and they should load quickly too. Anything that takes more than a few seconds to load will put off impatient visitors. 

  1. An easy checkout process

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. If you’ve ever tried to buy something online, you’ll know that you simply want to add it to your basket, fill in your details, and pay. Your checkout process should take as few clicks as possible, every time you add in an extra step, that’s a stage where people might give up and abandon the process, so keep it simple.

  1. Relevant content

When people visit your website, they want content that’s relevant to them and the industry in which you operate. Good content will also elevate your website’s ranking in Google, so it’s easier to find and stays ahead of the competition. If you don’t have time to write regular content, then agencies such as Click Intelligence can help your business stay up to date, whether you need blog or product copy. 

  1. A variety of ways to get in touch

If customers can’t find what they need, despite your excellent layout and navigation planning, then they need to be able to get in touch quickly and using their preferred method. Contact forms can be frustrating, as they seem to lead to nowhere, although e-mail is quite popular. Around 42% of users like having a live chat option, as it usually means they can get their questions answered quickly, without having to talk to someone. This kind of contact method has a success rate of 92%, meaning it’s one of the easier ways to keep customers happy. 

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