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5 Simple, Proven Methods to Boost Your Social Presence

Businesses understand that it’s important to be active on social media. It is a strong investment as a soapbox. Studies valued the average Facebook fan (business page) at $136.38, Pinterest friend at $5, and Twitter follower at $2.

How can you grow your social reach?

1. Integrate your strategy

Start a marketing/editorial calendar with all your blog posts, events, and social posts. You want to know how each account functions and which business objectives it supports.

2. Look to your audience

Your audience knows best, advises Mike Templeman in Entrepreneur. They will tell you, based on response, what platforms you should prioritize and what types of content make sense. Pay attention to them.

3. Offer free tips live

Set up a time to talk with your customers through an event or hashtag. Consider which platforms perform best for your market and focus on those. Many entrepreneurs are finding Facebook Live a good use of time right now but there is no one size fits all solution.

4. Make great content

Both your social networks and blogs should be high-quality, since each of them represents a channel that can grow your business. Also, use your social network to promote your blog, notes John Rampton, founder of realty virtual tour company Pixloo. Each of your marketing efforts should be considered as part of your overall strategy.

5. Use what you've got

You spent your time and resources creating great blog content. Don't stop there! Create social content from your articles by pulling out images or quotes to share. You can also combine several blog articles into a valuable lead magnet to help you build your email database.

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Laura Pence Atencio

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