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3 Reasons You Need to have a Content Calendar, Pronto!

Do you have a content calendar?

You have heard that you need one and how important it is for your business, but many business owners don’t have one! For me, I don’t know what I would do without my content calendar!

If you’re one of those people who is shaking your head, “No” to not having a content calendar, then you’re in a bad place, my friend. Remember that old saying by dear ole Benjamin Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail”?

He’s right. If you’re not planning your content for your business, then how are you planning to succeed?

Monica Writes Content Calendar

Inside of this post, I want to take you through the three most important reasons why you need a content calendar and why it’s crucial to your business! You don’t even have to worry about writing your content for a year, you can easily begin with 30 days and then move up from there.

Reason 1: You never have to wonder what to write about ever again!

A content calendar has helped me to know exactly what I’m going to say every single time I write in my blog. Since I correlate my newsletters and my social media around my blogs, I know once I have a blog written, there is my newsletter and my social media posts for the week.

When you have a content calendar system, you know what you’re going to say every single time. No more guess work, no more wondering. It’s truly is a beautiful thing!

Reason 2: Your content and marketing promotions are in alignment.

I always know what each quarter is going to be about because I make sure my promotions and my content all line up together. So when I go to promote a new course on my blogs, it’s been in alignment with my content calendar all along.

You see, when you have a promotion, you need to get your audience warmed up even before you begin promoting to them. You can do this by aligning your blogs, social media and newsletters to a certain theme so when it comes time to promote your service or product, it makes sense to your audience on why you're promoting this particular product - because your content has been gearing your audience up for the promotion. You provide valuable and educational content to help them see that if you're willing to give your "secrets" away for free, what more can they learn from you when they buy your product or service?

You’re not just being random, you’re being strategic. And if you’re not strategic, then you’re random and people can’t trust random postings.

Reason 3: You have a chance to review and revise for next time.

When you have your content calendar in place and ready to go, as you begin to implement these promotions and your content, you now have a chance to review what you have done.

When you can see what you have done, you can easily go back and review what worked and what didn’t work. Then you can revise and make changes to make sure the next round of content and marketing activities are better.

When you take out your time to work inside of your content calendar and plan to succeed, then you’re saying, “I want to make 2017 the best year yet!” The only way you’re going to do this is if you’re taking the time to plan your calendar now and setting in dates for review and revisions.

Let’s make 2017 great! It all begins with you and your content calendar. That is why I have created a free downloadable content calendar to help you get moving forward in your own content and marketing calendars! Download your content calendar today!

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