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There's a lot of hype surrounding online marketing and social media. How do you know what is truth and what is hyperbole? How do you develop a sound marketing plan, set goals and objectives, prioritize wisely, implement your strategy, and manage the tactics you choose in a consistent and ongoing manner?

You know that it's necessary, but it's hard to handle all the moving pieces... especially when the best tools, platforms, and tactics are constantly shifting.

We get it. We can help you cut through the confusion and get a program in place that works for your business, so you can stop stressing out about finding your audience online and start bringing in business.

Conversation online. Savvy?

Do you feel like you're drowning?

Online marketing can get overwhelming... fast!

You hire a business coach, map out a plan, and you're ready to implement, right?


You think you can follow a few simple steps to get your marketing systems up and running. But then a funny thing happens and each seemingly simple step expands to several somewhat complicated tasks. Before you know it, you get stuck on something and then days and weeks pass and you still don't have a fully functional client-getting marketing funnel. Does this scenario sound familiar?

(Let's be honest here... sometimes it's been months or even years. If that's you it's totally okay! Your business and clients need your attention, right? We don't judge you by your past; we help you move forward from where you are right now. *Pinkie Promise.*)

Whether you're looking to kickstart a new social media campaign, ready to expand into new markets, excited about launching a new program or offer, or need to accelerate your online marketing, we're here to help.

Take Action!

Are you ready to get out of overwhelm and get a fully functioning marketing system working to find, engage, and convert your ideal clients?

Social Media

How do you grow your audience while gaining know, like, and trust? Social Media Marketing is the top of your funnel where we bring new awareness to your brand while developing relationships that lead to sales.


Email Marketing keeps your message in front of your existing and potential clients allowing you to dive deep with your true fans. Email can be the key ingredient in your marketing mix for increasing sales and retention.


Podcasting is one of the best ways to communicate your message and grow your audience and business. This content can be distributed through other channels and repurposed in multiple ways.

Social Savvy Geek

Social Savvy Geek is an online marketing agency offering consulting, training, and done for you services. We specialize in digital marketing that converts for small businesses.
  • We are online marketing specialists with knowledge of which tools and platforms will support your business objectives. We offer a systemized approach with the tools to execute national, regional, or localized campaign. We are experts in creating marketing systems that find, engage, and convert your target audience.
  • We help you cut though the clutter and focus on getting results.
  • We implement your marketing program on your behalf or train your in-house staff.

Free Guide to Exceeding Your Goals

Marketing Plans Double Revenue

Does it seem like you are running from campaign to campaign and tactic to tactic? Are you putting in the work, but are unsure of which activities are generating revenue and which are wasting your precious time? To shift from execution without a destination to programs with a purpose, you need is a clear plan of action. Companies that have a clearly defined plan achieve higher performance than those that don’t. This guide provides a jumping off point to get your business headed in the right direction.

Free Guide to Exceeding Your Goals Report Cover

Download your Free Guide to Exceeding Your Goals to find out how marketing plans double revenue!