Richmond, Virginia Wins! What We’re Doing Right on Foursquare

I could barely be more excited!

And this will prove just how much of a Geek I truly am, so please bear with me for just a moment. I love Social Media; this will come as no surprise to anyone who knows anything about me. I own my own Social Media Marketing Agency, Social Savvy Geek, LLC, in Richmond, VA. That brings me to one of my other “big loves” – I love RVA! For those of you who haven’t gotten the memo: RVA = Richmond, Virginia. It all started on Twitter where Richmonders were using the hashtag #RVA to signify that a post had something to do with our fair River City. In Richmond, there is a brand initiative, called RVA Creates, which “is a collaborative effort between Venture Richmond, the City, universities, businesses, and over 100 stakeholders, to create a stronger identity for Richmond.” So it should come as no real surprise to many of us here that…

Richmond, VARichmond, VA is a WINNER!

According to Foursquare : “Richmond is for lovers! And for people who love museums, great dining, Edgar Allan Poe, and art gallery tattoo parlors. This list garnered a tweet from Virginia’s governor and almost 500 followers!” And our prize is a brand, spanking new Foursquare badge! Woohoo! To win this prize Richmond had to have a city guide:

Your City Guide to RVA #VisitUS (Richmond, VA)

Quite frankly, it’s a nice list, but it barely skims the surface of things to do and see here. I feel like I should be working for the Richmond Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau at this moment, but I am proud of this city! I’ve been to many other (bigger) cities, and yes, I will admit that New York City, Washington D.C., London, San Francisco, and Paris and the like were pretty darned impressive, but stack us against other cites of similar size and I scoff at their paltry offerings! Now really, I’ve been across the US and quite a bit of Europe, as well (and let’s not leave out Canada, eh!) and I have yet to find a place that I would rather live. I’ve found plenty of fantastic places to visit (I’m especially fond of Heidelberg, Bern, Dallas, Las Vegas… oh the list goes on…) and I make regular treks to NYC, because, let’s face it – you just HAVE to! But Richmond, VA is home (nearly tied with Williamsburg, VA where I grew up – but notice how I don’t LIVE there!).

I don’t pretend that we’re perfect, not by a long shot (we’re sorely missing our hockey and baseball teams at present) and we have our fair share of issues that need a LOT of work, but I say this often, “Richmond is the biggest small town that you will ever live in”. Aside from all of the many cultural and historical events, attractions, colleges and universities (Go RAMS!), activities, etc. of which we have a nearly overwhelming array… we have a thriving business community. People in this town are active. If you haven’t heard of us in recent history (I’m are not talking War Between the States – or “Civil War” for the Yankees) – I’m talking about up-and-coming next-big-thing type of history in the making here! Have you heard of these RVA businesses the Martin Agency, Altria Group, Genworth Financial, MeadWestvaco? Sure. How about Vitally Tenant, Vickie Griffith, Nhat Pham, Mary Foley, the Bush League? Not yet? Keep listening… you will.

And to sum up… I love Social Media! I love Foursquare! I love RVA! Today, I am a happy camper. Savvy?



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  1. Carolyn says:

    Hi Laura, I’m a big fan of #RVA. I first discovered Richmond when I went to college at University of Richmond. I stayed there one summer because I loved the city so much.

    The city has so much vibrancy and there are so many wonderful areas, each with its own personality. The community is warm and supportive too, with true Southern hospitality.

    I haven’t been to Richmond in a while, but it will always have a special place in my heart.

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