Stop Drowning in Email! Save Yourself with SaneBox.

I have had such positive experiences with SaneBox, both the product itself and their customer service, that I decided to write a glowing review. Then I thought that surely a video would be more fun… so that’s where I went with it. I hope that you enjoy my quick GoAnimate creation!

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An Email Story

How Canva for Work is Listening… and Winning!

Have you ever had a favorite tool that announced changes that made you super, ridiculously excited, and then on the launch date you were… underwhelmed? If you read, Canva for Work has Arrived and it’s… Meh, then you already know that’s what happened to me with the launch of Canva for Work. However, that’s very, very far from where the story ends.

Almost immediately after publishing and sharing via social, I received messages from Canva COO, Cliff Obrecht,  who commented on the post,

“fonts and multiple colour pallets are coming very soon! Watch this space.” and via Twitter: “@SocialSavvyGeek Fonts & multiple colour pallets are coming very soon. This is just V1 there is lots in the pipeline. Watch this space :)”

He was responding to Canva for Work users politely, professionally, and with smiley faces regardless of the sentiment they expressed. Kudos to Canva; they’re doing it right. They also sent survey emails asking how they are doing and what else needs doing.

I had expressed a disappointment with the initial launch, only because the features I was most anticipating weren’t available and no mention had been made of future releases. That’s my only criticism of Canva during this process and it’s a pretty small one in the grand scheme of a release this huge. If it had been made immediately clear at the outset that more features were already in the pipeline, then I could have avoided my moment of disappointment (almost) entirely. Luckily, there was only a small gap between my first experience and Cliff Obrecht’s communications.

Fast forward to today… I was using Canva for Work because, let’s face it. that’s what I do. Regularly. I’m quite pleased with the way my brand is coming together within Canva and as I was searching for a suitable font to substitute for Wisdom Script, I came across a message reading,”Upload your own font. (Coming very, very soon)” SQUEEEEE! My day is made. I nearly jumped for joy, literally. I am that excited! I contained myself, since I’m only at my computer on a holiday weekend because my 2 year old is napping… shhhh!

Canva for Work Upload Your Own Fonts Coming Soon

So, if you run into me out and about in Denver this weekend and I have a big, fat smile on my face, you may think that it’s the gorgeous view, the fabulous weather, or the superb company in which I find myself… but really it’s this: My own fonts in Canva for Work! Woohoo!

Is it just me? Who else is this excited? Anyone? Bueller?

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